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King Cuerno vs. Fenix full match video: Lucha Underground Season 2, Episode 6

The main event of the latest Lucha Underground, which aired for the first time on El Rey Network last Wednesday, March 2, was King Cuerno vs. Fenix.

It's actually the third time those two have faced each other this season, which considering the second season is only six episodes long, seems like a lot. Amazingly, it not only didn't feel played out, but used their previous two encounters as building blocks in putting on what many felt was the strongest match the show's offered this year.

Aiding their cause were different stipulations for each - first a straight title contest (for the Gift of the Gods belt, which entitles the holder to a shot at the show's main championship), then a Last Man Standing affair, and finally this Ladder match with the strap on the line.

Also on their side was LU's tight storytelling and established character motivations. Fenix is LU champ Mil Muertes' mortal enemy. Cuerno agreed to help Mil's boss Catrina, but has been having second thoughts about protecting the throne instead of taking it.

The ensuing match has pretty much got to be seen to be believed. And thanks to the fine folks at El Rey, you can see it - again or for the first time - in that embedded video right above these words.

Get a full recap of this week's episode right here.

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