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Finn Balor introduced Bayley to his parents and I don't know what to believe anymore

It started as just trying to cheer up a fellow champion who'd been injured. But it's blossoming into the greatest wrestling love story of our time.

Or almost certainly not, seeing as Bayley has been in a relationship with indy wrestler Aaron Solow for quite some time.

But who can really say at this point? Beloved social media troll Finn Bálor is doing his best to confuse his followers, like this Tweet from this weekend's shows at The Arnold in Columbus, Ohio where he introduced the Hugster to Ma & Pa Demon:

I mean, Finn's just being Finn, doing the Finn pose. But Bayles nails the mix of happiness and nerves you get when you're first introduced to a significant other's folks. Great kayfabe, or work-turning-into-a-shoot?

If it is the latter, Solow has a plan - inspired by a Twitter follower and Samoa Joe:

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