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WWE Raw preview (Mar. 7, 2016): Detours and drama

WWE on YouTube

WWE hits the Windy City, and nobody in Chicago is talking about hijacking Raw for CM Punk. Maybe it's because Roman Reigns won't be at Allstate Arena...

The Headliner

Two weeks ago, he shocked the wrestling world when he danced out on stage to interupt his sister's Legacy Award. Stephanie McMahon finally got a chance to finish her speech last week, and vowed to keep control of the company. Their father, Vince McMahon, wasn't phased when his WrestleMania opponent, the Undertaker, promised to make him bleed in Hell in a Cell. In fact, the Chairman went on to say that after the Dead Man destroys him, he'll be disinherited and disowned.

How will Shane McMahon respond?

We've seen him training with renowned mixed martial artists, bodybuilders and... whatever Tommy Dreamer qualifies as (violent crazy man?). We'll probably hear about that - but the family (melo)drama will be addressed, as well. The Phenom is not scheduled for the show, so this might be Shane O'Mac's last chance to talk without threat of bodily harm, too.

The Title Scene

Outside of that talking segment, the biggest thing scheduled for Raw is a tag title match. New Day will defend against the duo who's had their number, Y2AJ. Despite a really hideous new shirt, rumors won't stop swirling that Chris Jericho and AJ Styles will be in the same match on April 3 - and not as tag partners. We'll see how that plays out when they face Big & Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods and Francesca II in their corner).

WWE World Heavyweight champ Triple H did his Cerebral Assassin-y best last Monday to put down Dean Ambrose. He'd already sent Reigns to an ear, nose and throat man, and following what was essentially a four-on-one match against Alberto Del Rio and League of Nations, Hunter showed up to put the Lunatic Fringe out of his misery. That earned him a shot at the belt for Saturday's Roadblock, but when he couldn't keep his mouth shot, it also earned him more of a beating. But Ambrose was back on SmackDown, taking out Kevin Owens, so expect him to have words - and maybe more - for Haitch in Chi-Town.

Speaking of the Intercontinental champ, KO traded wins with Big Show, and came up short against Dean, but we still don't have a clear picture of what #KOMania has in store for us. is talking up the Giant, Miz, Dolph Ziggler and even Stardust as potential rivals for his belt, though, so it's probably the multi-man match Dave Meltzer started talking about last week.

Despite a bloody nose on Friday night, Divas titleholder Charlotte was back in action the next night. And she'll need that kind of "never say die" attitude if she's going to keep the butterfly belt past Mania. Her dad's interference during Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch's do-over #1 contenders match backfired, and now she's in a Triple Threat where she can loss the championship without losing the match.

Reports insist the United States belt held by Kalisto will be defended again soon, but with no new challengers lined up, it's hard to tell against whom. Even tagging with Sin Cara again, Del Rio remains in the picture, so...

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- After weeks of telling him "no", it looks like R-Truth wants to tell Goldust "yes". But does the Bizarre One want to listen?

- The Dudleyz are willing to do almost anything to prove to the Usos and the world that they're still a threat. Anything except getting the tables.

- Lana & Brie Bella are feuding over whose man is hairier (I think).

- The beef between Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt which started at Royal Rumble will pay off on Saturday's WWE Network special. Wyatt is talking the talk, but chances are he's just an appetizer for the Beast on his way to a Street Fight with Ambrose in Texas.

Four shows until WrestleMania!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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