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This Day in Wrestling History (Mar. 7): Kurt Angle's WWF Debut

49 years ago today in Tokyo, Japan, NWA International Heavyweight Champion Giant Baba and WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino fought to a one-hour time limit draw in a best of three falls match with each man winning one fall each.

17 years ago today, Kurt Angle makes his WWF television debut during a segment on Sunday Night Heat with Tiger Ali Singh. Offered $500 to blow his nose on the American flag, he blows his nose on the Indian flag instead then suplexes Singh twice. It would be his lone TV appearance until his vignettes premiered late in the year.

6 years ago today, Mexican promotion AAA announces a talent agreement with TNA, opening the doors for TNA stars to work major AAA events. The agreement ended in 2014 when Jeff Jarrett left the company to start his own, Global Force Wrestling.

3 years ago today, Eric Pankowski, the Senior Vice President of Creative and Development, had been fired from WWE. He took over the position held by Brian Gewertz in October 2012.

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