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Ric Flair confirms he will induct Sting into WWE Hall of Fame


Been a bit of a quiet year on the Hall of Fame front. WrestleMania season often buzzes with rumors of big names returning to the fold to receive the honor, but seeing as how Sting had already returned in 2014, the muted "well I guess if Koko's in" reaction to Godfather and the foregone conclusion that the Freebirds would go in someday, so why not in Dallas... this year hasn't had any breakthrough announcements.

Doesn't mean the induction event, held on Saturday, April 2 and broadcast on WWE Network, won't be a heck of a show. A big part of that is the men & women who speak before the honorees, and on his WOOOO! Nation podcast, Ric Flair confirmed the speculation that he'll be the guy introducing us to the headliner, Sting.

JBL has spoken on Raw about how he and Ron Simmons will induct the Godfather, so that only leaves the Fabulous Freebirds of the names announced thus far - although it's been openly assumed they'll be spoken for by Kevin Von Erich, and no one has contradicted those reports.

Thoughts on Naitch introducing his frequent friend and rival?

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