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Betting on the WWE: Is it Legal and Where?

One of the most popular questions among WWE fans is whether they can bet on WWE events? This maybe a little preposterous a question to ask because WWE is a show with a predetermined outcome, so why would a sports betting site offer WWE bets?

Well, some of you will be surprised by the fact that you actually can bet on WWE. Yes, that's right, you can place real money on the outcomes of WWE events and win money if you guess the outcome. It's not a common occurrence though, but it does happen for some sports betting sites to offer WWE bets. A more common situation where WWE and gambling are related is WWE themed slot games. If you are a fan of slots you can play free NetEnt slot games now!

Usually betting on WWE is reserved for special WWE events such as Wrestlemania, and occasionally for betting on Royal Rumble or Summerslam. The sites that offer WWE betting are sports betting sites that accept American bettors. But, why do they offer WWE betting anyway?

WWE betting is a great promotional technique for these sites among the usual promo techniques that they use such as deposit bonuses and reward programs. WWE betting is just another such method and works very well among WWE fans.

So, just as rewards and bonuses being some sort of free money, WWE bets are considering free money to some extent too. Allowing you to bet on the WWE and on the outcomes of Wrestlemania fights means you get to win sure bets. They simply hope that this way you will become their long-time member and by depositing and starting to bet you will actually get to know the site and won't leave them for another sports betting site.

So, you are probably saying to yourself, why not make a big bet and con the sports betting site out of a big payout? You know all the sure bets, so why not bet $5,000 on Brock Lesnar? Well, just like any promotion there will be a catch with the WWE betting part too. The site that will let you bet on the WWE will let you so with certain restrictions in terms of how much you can win. It may seem unfair, but it is fair for the sports book since it actually allows you win sure money.

For example, you cannot win more than $50 if you bet on a favorite, and you can't bet more than $50 if you bet on the underdog. For example, if The Undertaker is the heavy favorite, and the odds for him to win are -1000, if you bet $10 on The Undertaker you will win only $1.

On the other hand, the odds for his opponent are +550, so by betting $10 on the underdog you can win $55 or a maximum of $275 if you bet the maximum of $50. Since everyone knows, including the sports betting site, that The Undertaker is going to win, the house won't let you get away that easily. To win the maximum of $50 on him you would have to bet $500.

As you can see the odds are huge and you won't make money by betting on the favorite, but it adds a bit of rush when you bet on the underdog and hope there will be a heavy surprise. WWE is fun to watch, and betting on it makes it much more interesting.

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