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Lucha Underground recap (March 30, 2016): When Pentagón Met Matanza

What will happen now that Dario Cueto and Matanza have returned?

Fade in.

Previously on Lucha Underground: Sexy Star was held captive by Marty "The Moth" Martinez and his evil sister, Mariposa. After making her escape, The Mack offered his aid and support, but Marty defeated the Mack and Mariposa terrorized Sexy Star.

The Unlikely Trio regained their Trios titles, defeated Catrina's Disciples of Death.

Vampiro told his student, Pentagón Jr., to let nothing stand in his way. So Pentagón attacked Mil Muertes and cost him his shot at the Lucha Underground title during Aztec Warfare.

Dario Cueto returned to the Temple and reclaimed it as his. Also, something about a god-possessed monster or something.


Right off the bat, things in the Temple have once again changed. Muertes' throne is gone and the bands are back! This week's band is none other than Chingon, the band in which Robert Rodriguez plays guitar.

Dario grins as only he can as he makes his way to the ring. He says it feels good to be back. He is happy to announce that starting next week, there will be an all-new trios tournament!

But that's not all! He has a brilliant idea on how to determine a No. 1 contender to Matanza's title. BUT WAIT HERE'S PENTAGÓN JR. He says, "Wait a minute, bastard! Your brother only because I wasn't involved." Cueto suggests maybe Pentagón didn't compete because he's not championship material.

I'll give you one guess how Pentagón responds to that.

In fear of having his arm broken, Dario makes the championship match as the main event. Pentagón says he will show the Cuetos and the world who Pentagón Jr. is and how much miedo he possesses. (Spoiler: it's cero.)


Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us to the Temple. Surprisingly, Vampiro wholeheartedly approves of the method in which Pentagón received his title shot.

Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro def. Johnny Mundo & Taya

Stray observations: After Mundo and Taya get introduced, Striker pretty wonderfully clarifies which is which. This is a fairly rare rudos vs. rudos match for Lucha Underground. Wait, maybe they're supposed to be tecnicos after breaking away from Chavo? Who knows.

They continue making Mundo the biggest possible weasel, as he tags out to Taya when Cisco makes the hot tag and Castro enters the ring.

Shortly thereafter, They Call Him Cage makes his way down the steps. Striker introduces his "Swoleverine" nickname to Lucha Underground. I think that's the first time it's appeared here, anyway. Mundo just bails at the sight of him, so Taya catches "Psycho Realm" (flapjack into a Castro Codebreaker) for an upset win by the Crew.

What we learned: Really just advancing the Mundo/Taya/Cage rivalry here and hammering home what a chickenshit Mundo is. The Crew gets a win, which might be the first time they've ever won a match in a non-handicap situation.


He go to a well-appointed study, where YUPPIE MARTY MARTINEZ reads from a fine leather-bound book and reads the history of the affluent Aztec Moth Clan. According to Marty (unreliable narrator to the extreme), Mariposa was the most fearsom warrior the other tribes had ever seen and ruthlessly destroyed anyone who tried to take the Moth Clan's gold. The Mariposa mask was handed down from generation to generation ... and his sister is the finest Mariposa of them all.

Yep, we see the book Marty is looking at and the pages are all blank. He and his sister are just real insane!


We see Black Lotus is still Dario's bodyguard, standing watch outside his reclaimed office. Inside said office, the ceramic death bull and the scotch are back. Catrina ghosts on in and Cueto is super unimpressed by it at this point. He says he's the rightful owner of the Temple. Catrina says his brother is not the rightful title holder.

Cueto says he has no beef with her. He even gave her Disciples a title rematch, for example. Catrina says when the time is right, Mil Muertes will take the title from Matanza and the Temple will be hers once again.


Lucha Underground Trios Championship Elimination Match: The Unlikely Trio (Angélico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc) (c) def. Disciples of Death (El Siniestro de la Muerte, Trece & Barrio Negro)

Stray observations: Hey, an elimination match! I love those! Following some FOUL PLAY by Catrina, Ivelisse is the first person eliminated. That probably won't make Ivelisse too happy, given her established feelings on Catrina. Angélico hits some BALLER leaping knees in this match. And he eliminates Trece after a vicious buckle bomb.

He tries for another buckle bomb on Siniestro, but Siniestro reverses and hits an ugly-looking move where he puts both knees to Angélico's back and drives his face into the mat. That gets the pin and now Son of Havoc is all by himself. He hits a two-level mushroom stomp, then a standing moonsault on Barrio Negro to get the pin and eliminate him. Now it's one on one.

Catrina tries to interfere again but Ivelisse reappears and takes her out. Havoc hits the shooting star press on Siniestro to retain the titles.

What we learned: The Unlikely Trio is still riding high and ready to take on all comers in the upcoming trios tournament. Ivelisse still hates Catrina's guts and things are almost certainly coming to a head between those two. Meanwhile, Catrina's power continues to be suspect.


Back in Dario's office. He's a little starstruck. Rey Mysterio is in Dario Cueto's office. Holy crap. Haaaaaa Dario has an "I'M KIND OF A BIG DEAL" name placard on his desk. I am almost positive that's new.

Rey Mysterio reminds Cueto of Dragón Azteca Jr.'s mentor and the betrayal ... and -- you know -- murder. Dario says he's not like his ancestors. He promises to leave the past in the past and they do shots in the name of El Dragón Azteca. But Cueto's gaze is miiiiiighty shifty here.


Mariposa (w/Marty "The Moth" Martinez) def. Sexy Star (w/The Mack)

Stray observations: This is, of course, Mariposa's in-ring debut. Sexy Star is still pretty traumatized and fearful of Mariposa, for good reason.

Mariposa's ring gear is ... really close to Kobra Moon's. Hm. Just a minute or two into the match, Mariposa hits the Butterfly Effect (a Vertebreaker) for the pinfall victory. Mariposa and Marty beat down the Mack after the match, even showing off a hilarious/creepy double team move.

What we learned: Well, that was pretty decisive. Sexy Star clearly has a long way to go before conquering her demons. This was the correct next step in the story.


Dario returns to the cage room -- yes, he's still keeping Matanza in the cage. He carries Matanza's title and says he is proud of him. He says he wants Matanza to break Pentagón's back for his insolence. He then opens the cage door and leads Matanza out by brandishing the key.


Lucha Underground Championship Match: The Monster Matanza Cueto (c) def. Pentagón Jr.

Stray observations: Vampiro says every time he hears the "CERO MIEDO" chant, he gets migraines. Hm.

Dario leads Matanza all the way to the entrance steps by holding the cage key aloft, so there's still some sort of power dynamic in the brothers' relationship. Even referee Marty Elias is terrified of Matanza. Nice touch.

Pentagón is a bit more cautious then usual to start out, as he tries to feel Matanza out. Pentagón hits a lung blower out of the corner and Matanza lands on his feet. That looked boss as hell. The fight spills to the outside and Matanza is fairly brutalizing Pentagón.

They roll back in and Pentagón is clutching his back. Vampiro claims he can hear Pentagón telling the referee that he's hurt. Immediately thereafter, Matanza hits his reverse powerslam, whcih is called Wrath of the Gods, for the decisive victory. Wow.

After the match, Vampiro gets in the ring. He calls for a paramedic, but Matanza levels Vampiro with a big kick. Pentagón throws up his own "X" as Matanza stomps him on the outside, then Matanza puts Pentagón through the announce table with a powerbomb.

The crowd chants for Pentagón as he is stretchered into an ambulance and the Cuetos celebrate. Vampiro looks sadly out the rear ambulance window as it pulls away.

What we learned: This one sure seems like another game changer. The title match between Pentagón and the new resident monster of Lucha Underground lasted less than five minutes and ended with Pentagón not only defeated, but dismantled. Everyone else in the Temple had better watch the hell out.


And that'll do it! That's enough, right? See you all again next week.

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