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Rudo Radio episode 39, the massive WrestleMania weekend preview

It's all happening. We're here to help get you MAXIMUM HYPED for WrestleMania 32.

IT'S WRESTLEMANIA WEEK HOLY CRAP. Here are all of our previews and predictions and gleeful rantings about EVERYTHING. Get pumped with us!

Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome to the big-ass WrestleMania weekend preview!
03:16 - NXT TakeOver: Crews vs. Samson
09:22 - Aries vs. Corbin
11:06 - Zayn vs. Nakamura
14:59 - Revival vs. American Alpha
16:58 - Bayley vs. Asuka
19:19 - Bálor vs. Joe
22:56 - WrestleMania itself: Usos vs. Dudleyz
27:53 - Total Divas vs. B.A.D. and Blonde
30:27 - The Dré
33:28 - Kalisto vs. Ryback
35:24 - The Inaugural Everyone Hates Kevin Owens Ladder Match
40:21 - Styles vs. Jericho
47:00 - New Day vs. The Lads
50:12 - Charlotte vs. Becky vs. Sasha
52:52 - Dean vs. Brock
57:59 - Shane vs. Undertaker
59:22 - The worst possible fan theory about Shane's lineage
1:02:14 - Triple H vs. Roman Reigns
1:09:01 - Oh hey, Lucha Underground! How about that Matanza, huh?
1:15:51 - This podcast is better than Brooklyn.

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