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Kevin Owens slams fake 'Kevin Owens' Instagrammer in a surprisingly helpful manner

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Even with verified accounts, lots of people get fooled by social media imposters. There aren't many barriers to setting up a Twitter or Instagram account and claiming you're a celebrity. Like say WWE Superstar Kevin Owens.

So it's not at all surprising there's an Instagrammer called "Official Kevin Owens" who is in no way affiliated with the wrestler.

What is surprising is that the Intercontinental champ, a man known for finding old pictures of people who troll him on Twitter and re-posting them with clever insults, is actually quite calm and one might even say helpful in asking "Official Kevin Owens" to stop pretending to be him on Instagram:

If the Tweet or image is blocked for you, here's the text of the DM Owens sent his imposter:

Hello! This is the actual, real life Kevin Owens.

I just wanted to ask if you could please stop pretending to be me on here.

May I suggest trying to make your own life interesting enough not to have to pretend to be someone else? Or, if that's too hard, just maybe get a hobby?  Take up sewing? Learn synchronized swimming? Figure skating? Just anything that doesn't involve you being a creep.


I mean, he even said please!

Suggest, Owens, Suggest

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