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WWE SmackDown preview (Mar. 3, 2016): Dancing through the fire

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Tonight's episode of SmackDown was filmed on Tuesday night in Atlanta. We've got a spoiler report for you here. If you just want to get ready for the show without knowing who wins and loses, read on!

The Headliner

Their first try renewing their rivalry and determining who would face Charlotte at WrestleMania ended inconclusively, so...

The Lasskicker and The Boss will lock up again tonight. Their match on Raw wasn't quite up to the standard they set as half NXT's Four Horsewomen, but it did enough to create anticipation for them to build on it on SmackDown. Seeing as how the sunset flip double-pin essentially meant that ten minute match ended in a tie, consider this overtime.

At stake remains not only a shot at the butterfly belt, but a spot in only the second Divas title match in WrestleMania history.

The Title Scene

We recently learned about his first title defense, but WWE World Heavyweight champion Triple H likely won't be on USA Network tonight. His opponent at Roadblock, Dean Ambrose, will almost certainly show up to share his thoughts on their March 12 meeting, and the beating Hunter put on him Monday night.

Divas champ Charlotte will be watching the headliner.

Meanwhile, Intercontinental titleholder Kevin Owens will likely be watching his nuts. Over the past week, that's what his matches with Big Show have consisted of - countouts caused by getting crotched on the ropes. The Giant says he's open for bouts with more traditional finishes. No word from the champ.

Pretty sure the United States strap has been retired. Just kidding! It belongs to Kalisto, whose primary focus - at least lately - has been team wrestling with Sin Cara and others.

Speaking of teams, tag champs the New Day took a loss to Y2AJ on Raw, and needed some time in the positivity box to recover. Chris Jericho & AJ Styles will have a title shot next Monday... expect some jockeying for position ahead of that on tonight's show.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- While they're not busy worrying about Jericho & Styles, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E talk smack about the League of Nations (who moonlight as Triple H's lackeys).

- The Usos and the Dudleyz don't get along. I mean, like, at all.

- R-Truth will never, ever, ever form a team with Goldust.

- With a quick win over Dolph Ziggler, Miz is supposedly being prepped for a big WrestleMania match. Somehow, this is also supposed to be building Dolph for the same match.

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing - that will be posted behind spoiler text in the comments. If releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, that'll be updated here)

See you tonight for SmackDown!

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