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Ring of Honor Wrestling TV results, recap, reactions (March 26, 2016): Goto sleep

The ROH World Championship gets defended against a top New Japan star. Plus, four corner survival action!

We're back! Let's get into the latest episode of Ring of Honor television!


Four Corner Survival Match: Roderick Strong def. Adam Page, Matt Sydal and Moose

Wow, this match is pretty major. Two of the biggest names in the company and two of the most well-liked younger guys. Expecting big things out of this one. Some nice nods to continuity here as Page tags himself in so he can beat on his old Decade stablemate, Strong.

I'm still trying to parse what's so different about ROH TV as compared to their pey-per-views and DVD releases. I think they're just going at a completely different pace and holding things back a bit more. Which makes sense. Sometimes it seems like everyone is moving at half-speed.

The finish comes when BJ Whitmer distracts Adam Page, which allows Sydal to hit the shooting star press. Roderick pulls Sydal off and hits him with the End of Heartache, then hits Page with a knockout knee and covers him for the win.

What we learned: Page and Whitmer still have some serious stuff to work through. Strong is getting back in the win column and presumably will build himself up to challenge for the TV title once again.


Adam Cole comes to the ring next, fresh off his failure to regain the world title at the 14th Anniversary show. He promises that Kyle O'Reilly will never be ROH world champion and that Adam Cole will be the man to dethrone Jay Lethal. He says in a one-on-one match with Adam Cole, Lethal doesn't stand a chance.

Matt Taven, walking on a crutch, then returns to Ring of Honor. He gets in the ring and gives Cole a big hug. He says the Kingdom is going to pick right back up where they left off. He then says everyone in the Kingdom became a big deal around the world ... except for Adam Cole. He says Cole got injured and he had to pick up his slack and that Matt Taven was the real star of the Kingdom.

After running him down, Taven says the only thing about the Kingdom that's finished is Adam Cole. He drops the microphone and leaves. Cole is left to ponder what just happened.


Dalton Castle cuts another classic Boy-less promo. He's never been much into rules. HE'S A CLOTHING-OPTIONAL MAN. He's looking forward to his Fight Without Honor against Silas Young, where Silas will no longer be protected by "The Rules."


Foxx Vinyer def. Cheeseburger via disqualification

Cheeseburger's theme song and entrance video are so completely ludicrous. It sort of sells the whole thing, honestly. He gets the streamer treatment from the fans. Foxx Vinyer looks like Damien Demento and the Powers of Pain had a three-way baby. It's a really unusual-looking character to see on the indies. It also looks like his name should in no way be "Foxx Vinyer."

A couple minutes in, Cheeseburger sets up for the shotei, but All Night Express runs in, pulls Vinyer out of the ring and beats him down, giving Cheeseburger a DQ loss.

Rhett Titus says, "Be easy, Cheesy." He and Kenny King say they like Cheeseburger. The fans don't really like Cheeseburger, they're just making fun of him. They also make a lot of fun of him while trying to build him up and put the fans down.

They say that Cheeseburger should join forces with ANX and shun the fans. They also get upset that the fans would rather cheer for the Young Bucks, the Briscoes, the War Machine and Cheeseburger instead of the All Night Express. Being the villains that they are, they ultimately say Cheeseburger isn't running with them. They beat him down with aplomb. Both War Machine and the Briscoes run down to make the save.

I was initially confused as to why War Machine would carry their tag title belts out for a run-in save, but it's so the Briscoes can pick them up and stare at them forebodingly. War Machine and Dem Boys have a stare-down to end the segment.

What we learned: Titus and King cut a real, real good on-point comedy promo. ANX has seemingly picked a fight with the entire tag division and beat down one of the most beloved figures in the company, so they've drawn a real target on their backs.

It also looks like the Briscoes and War Machine will be meeting for the tag titles sooner, rather than later. A little surprised this hasn't been a thing already.


House of Truth cuts a promo where they say Hirooki Goto isn't going to beat Jay Lethal for the title. Spoilers, guys.


Ring of Honor World Championship Match: Jay Lethal (c) def. Hirooki Goto

A perfectly fine television world title match, with the crowd very much behind Goto throughout. Martini got involved in the match once, but tried to wallop Goto with the Book of Truth later on. Goto grabbed the book, but Todd Sinclair took it away from him, allowing Lethal to connect with Lethal Injection for the pin.

As the House of Truth celebrates, Donovan Dijak and Prince Nana climb into the ring, terrifying all of them. Dijak sends Lethal packing, then no-sells the book of Truth before nailing Martini with a massive spin kick.

What we learned: Jay Lethal and the House of Truth continue their reign of terror, but there is a new, immediate challenger. One who is all too familiar to the HoT. The announcers and Martini's sell job really put over that Dijak may have put Truth out of action for the time being. We'll have to tune in next week to see if that's accurate!


That's it for this week. You can watch ROH's weekly television on Comet or in syndication on Sinclair stations, or with a Ringside Membership on

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