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WWE celebrates the end of the Monday Night War by shading WCW

On the anniversary of the last Nitro, a video on WWE's home page and YouTube channel entitled "If WWE lost the war WCW Nitro's open would look like this..." seems like a way for WWE to tip their cap to to the Ted Turner-owned promotion that not only pushed them to what many fans view as the best era in professional wrestling history, but almost pushed them out of business.

Then you watch the thing and realize WWE's version of "losing" means Nitro would be Raw with a different theme song. Because why wouldn't any company promote their show around not only Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock, but also Kane, the Hardyz and most importantly, Triple H, instead of those jabronis Goldberg and Sting?

At least Big Poppa Pump makes an appearance.

It's absolutely no big deal, being just a fun diversion which promotes WWE Network content.

But even then, it's also a subtle reminder that history is written by the victors.

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