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Watch the finish of Aztec Warfare 2, featuring Dario Cueto's return, The Monster Matanza's debut

Lucha Underground typically uploads the full video of its best match from the latest episode of its second season days after it airs on El Rey Network. That was impossible this week, considering the entire episode was devoted to Aztec Warfare 2, a balls to the wall 20-man elimination match. It was absolutely bonkers, featuring surprise debuts and returns.

That includes what's included in the above video of the finish. It comes in right when the countdown clock for entrant 21 hit zero and Dario Cueto made his triumphant return to The Temple to take it back from Catrina after Mil Muertes was dispatched following a sneak attack from Pentagon Jr.

Dario introduced The Monster Matanza, who comes in and absolutely destroys every single wrestler left in the match. This was as impressive a debut as you'll ever see. He ran through the Lucha Underground champion and many of his top challengers to take the title for himself.

The best elimination goes to The Mack, who went full Stone Cold but was no sold on his Stunner and German suplexed into oblivion.

Get a full recap of this week's show here.

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