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Finn Bálor renames 'Bloody Sunday' to the more WWE-friendly '1916'

As part of what many fans are hoping is a heel turn, others see as just a bit more intensity/viciousness to prepare for a rematch with Samoa Joe and everyone thinks is part of the coming of Bulletproof BC, NXT champ Finn Bálor has been using his old New Japan finisher to end matches the last few months.

Up until TakeOver: London, the Irishman had used the Coup de Grâce, his double foot stomp dive, in WWE. That's become a set-up maneuver for his elevated DDT - a move he had called Bloody Sunday.

Like the Curb Stomp and the Calf-Killer, the word "blood" isn't gonna fly in family-friendly sports entertainment, so tonight on Twitter, Bálor revealed a new name for the move:

Some research into the Easter Rising doesn't reveal it to be any more PG than a historical event more folks probably know from a U2 song than the tragedy which gave the move its old moniker, but, hey, most folks probably aren't gonna do the research.

What do you think about 1916? Looking forward to Michael Cole calling it "Vintage Bálor!"?

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