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Summer Rae explained why she's teaming with Lana in a Main Event Fallout video, and this angle now has better backstory than Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon

Don't know why I'm obsessed with the Lana vs. Total Divas program for WrestleMania 32.

Sure, there's the Emma factor. But otherwise, this feels like a combination of the worst of the bathroom break era of women's wrestling in WWE and the faction warfare that almost tanked #DivasRevolution.

Part of it is how much time WWE is investing in it. Sure, that time is coming on Raw pre-shows and Main Event, but take the above video for example. They made time to explain why Summer Rae is working with Lana.

Lana: Yes, you know this is typical for Summer Rae, always chasing someone, so needy for attention, I mean are you surprised at all...

Summer: Chill out, Lana. You need me more than you think you need me.

Lana: [Giggles] Well, I think we all know that you ran out there out of desperation to insert yourself into the WrestleMania moment since you've never had that before.

Summer: I mean, maybe. But you also may be desperate to beat the Total Divas. See, you're a whole lot of things Lana, but if there's one thing you're not? You're not stupid. When it comes to me, you'll have a five-on-four advantage, so you need me for the numbers, and I need you for the spotlight. So what do you say we put this whole... Rusev thing behind us and concentrate on the future? Concentrate on WrestleMania.

Lana: Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Alrightee. Your move Total Divas [giggles]

Summer's "can't keep a man" characterization is kind of a bummer (especially since she's a loyal company woman with a positive attitude and healthy outlook in real life), but at least they're not feuding over a man or men, and there are other kinds of characters on her squad.

Feels like we know more about this destined for the pre-show clusterf*** than the supposed main event of Mania.

Could we get a Fallout video where Undertaker gives us an explanation for fighting Shane McMahon that's more than "my fists are my legacy"?

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