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Aztec Warfare II: Odds of Victory

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You want to know who has the best chance to win Aztec Warfare II? Well, I'm glad you just asked yourself by reading that line. Now I have an excuse to answer it for you. After haphazard research, a meticulous scientific equation has been created. Unfortunately, I can't share the formula, because I traded it for an Aztec medallion treasure map. Lucky for you, I calculated the percentages before the transaction went down.

If you have never watched Lucha Underground and are hesitant to jump in at this point of the season, don't worry. The last episode seemingly closed feuds for the time being. It looks like new story directions will be revealed after Aztec Warfare. You can catch up on the small details later. And if you love the Royal Rumble, definitely give Aztec Warfare a chance.

To repeat the match rules from yesterday's Aztec Warfare Tope 10, there are 20 competitors vying for the Lucha Underground championship. An entrant arrives every 90 seconds, eliminations are by pinfall or submission, and straight from Dario Cueto himself, "And because I do love violence, ANYTHING GOES!!!"

I'm not entirely sure who is officially in, but the confirmed are Jack Evans, Marty Martinez, Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio, and El Dragon Azteca Jr. Also, Fenix is first while Mil Muertes is twentieth.

*Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched season 1, there are a couple linked GIFs with a match ending. Non-Twitter GIFs are courtesy of the Lucha Underground Imgur profile. If any links have an error on your computer, hit Enter in the linked address bar. That seems to work for me.

0 percent: Barrio Negro, El Siniestro de la Muerte, Trece
I think they are now dead. Or more dead than before.

1 percent: Argenis, Bengala, Cortez Castro, Kobra Moon, Mr. Cisco, Pimpinela Escarlata, PJ Black, Ricky Mandel, Super Fly, Vinnie Massaro
Never say never. Heck, PJ Black could use his nunchuks as a path to victory.

Kobra Moon is undefeated, but I'm not buying into her abilities to win a match of this magnitude. In a cat fight, Prince Puma would shred Bengala. Cortez is proving to be more Keystone Cop than Dirty Harry. Cortez is better than Cisco, so that doesn't say much for Cisco's chances. Pimpinela might still have moves, but he is probably too old to hang with the premier athletes. Pimpi will get the biggest pop of the night from me if he makes an appearance.

2 percent: El Mariachi Loco
His hypnotizing dance moves give him a slight edge over the one percenters.

3 percent: DelAvar Daivari
In theory, he could buy his way to victory, although he might rub people the wrong way with his attitude.

4 percent: Mascarita Sagrada
Half the size, double the spirit. Plus, he could easily hide until the end if he chooses that tactic.

5 percent: Aerostar, El Dragon Azteca Jr., Killshot, Mack, Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Joey Ryan, Sexy Star, Taya
This group has the moxy to win, but there are question marks. Aerostar could be tired from time travel. That has to take a toll on the body. Mack and Sexy Star may be too preoccupied with the Moth. The Moth himself is too kooky to take seriously. Joey Ryan is too cocky. Taya is tough as nails, but I'm not convinced her offense is impactful enough to win. Killshot has an amazingly athletic arsenal of maneuvers, but that hasn't notched too many victories. El Dragon Azteca Jr. has expert training, however, he doesn't seem fully focused. At times, he's busy watching Famous B commercials. I can't say that I blame him. They are appealing.

6 percent: Famous B's client
Those commercials must be leading somewhere, and I assume it will be B as a manager. B knows how to play the game. It's time for him to make somebody in the Temple faaamous.

8 percent: Chavo Guerrero
Chavo has extreme cunning. Never count out a Guerrero.

10 percent: Angelico, Drago, Ivelisse, Jack Evans, Mariposa, Son of Havoc
The Trios champs could work together as a unit, but I have a inkling they will turn on each other the second an opportunity presents itself. Jack Evans has momentum, while Drago has anger as motivation, so much so that he creeps up on dudes in bathrooms. Mariposa hasn't been in action yet, but I have a good feeling about her.

11 percent: Texano
He is the longest reigning AAA Mega Championship for a reason. Texano was champ for a whopping 735 days. Maybe it is finally his time to shine.

15 percent: Pentagon Jr.
I'm not convinced he has the discipline or the brains to win this match. A visit to the pope will be in order for some counseling.

18 percent: King Cuerno
After being bested by Fenix, I think Cuerno will be on the warpath. Overzealousness to kill prey could lead to his demise. He is my fan favorite to win.

20 percent: Fenix
Fenix is riding a career high with his championship victory over Mil Muertes. Last year, Fenix entered as number one and was eliminated as number fifteen. I think his success depends on the draw. If the heavy hitters are fresh as late entrants, Fenix won't stand a chance to keep his championship.

25 percent: Cage
He's not a man, he's a machine. Cage has that going for him. He also tends to go haywire, and that could be his downfall. Cage is my pick to steal the show.

35 percent: Rey Mysterio
Rey has a chip on his shoulder. Combine that with a tremendous amount of experience, and it makes him my pick to win. Rey is up there in age, however, he'll have the crowd behind him for an extra power boost.

39 percent: Johnny Mundo
Mundo is the complete package. He has been at the top for the entirety of Lucha Underground, except the championship has been just out of reach. Unfortunately for Mundo, Prince Puma has been just a smidge better. Teaming with Taya could be enough to pave his path to victory.

40 percent: Prince Puma
Puma is the reigning winner and has only gotten better over time. He has all the tools to repeat. Puma just needs to figure out a way to topple Mil Muertes.

50 percent: Mil Muertes
Last year, Mil lost his way when Catrina went thump. I don't think they will make the same mistake twice. Other than against Fenix, Mil has proved his dominance.

80 percent: Matanza
He kills people as training for crying out loud. That makes it pretty hard to pick against him. Personally, I don't think Matanza will be in the match unless he eats someone with an invitation. However, I do think he will make his presence felt. I'm looking at you Catrina and Mil Muertes.

What are your predictions? Who will be in the final four? Who is going to win? Who will be the Dumbest Ass? Who will steal the show? Who are you rooting for? See you Wednesday, March 23 at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network for Aztec Warfare II. Until then, get hyped and hang tight.

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