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Ring of Honor Wrestling TV results, recap, reactions (March 19, 2016): All of the world ace

New Japan is in full effect this week, as Tomohiro Ishii defends his television title and Hiroshi Tanahashi is in the main event.

We're back! Let's get into the latest episode of Ring of Honor television!


Hey, we're in Las Vegas at Sam's Town! That means this is the set of tapings that followed the 14th Anniversary pay-per-view. Your hosts this week are Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3, who tout the HUGE main event of the Young Bucks vs. Elgin & Tanahashi. Let's get down to business!

BJ Whitmer makes his way to the ring for his TV title match against Tomohiro Ishii. BUT WAIT.


Ring of Honor World Television Championship Match: Tomohiro Ishii (c) def. Cedric Alexander

Before Bobby Cruise can really get into his ring introductions, Veda Scott and Cedric Alexander appear. She just wants to introduce the new TV champion to her client! She also wants to propose a slight change of plans to Whitmer: that he surrender his TV title shot to Alexander for the check that she has in this here envelope.

BJ Whitmer asks if she really thinks he's someone who can be bought. Well SHE'S RIGHT. He takes the check and peaces out, so it's Ishii vs. Alexander.

Now wait just a dang minute here. That's not how fight contracts work! The athletic commissioner is certain to hear about this. Eh, whatever.

This was a fun match that went about 10 minutes and had a couple real neat false finishes in there. Ishii retains after hitting a brainbuster.

What we learned: On the Whitmer front, he's still coming out to his Decade video and is still wearing a Decade shirt, which is kind of a bummer. Just a faction of one hanging around.

Alexander finally bought out someone to get his TV title shot and came up short, so maybe that'll be that. Or maybe he'll just keep doing it. Who knows. Ishii looked like a very strong champ and waved his title in the announcers' faces afterward.


The Addiction is here and they're pissed off about the Motor City Machine Guns getting back together. Christopher Daniels showing up for non-match stuff in normal blazer-and-T-shirt casual dress just makes his fascist dictator gimmick even more confusing.

Kazarian runs down Detroit's economy, which garners a shockingly strong heel reaction from the Las Vega crowd. He says Sabin owes them an apology. Daniels grabs the microphone and says an apology isn't good enough. The MCMG must just be jealous of their success, because every discussion of tag team wrestling starts and ends with the Addiction. He says they're going to end the reunion before it even starts.

That brings out said Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin says he finally realized that the Addiction are bitter and delusional and it sounds like they're trying to pick a fight. He says if they want, we can do this right now. They hit the ring and the Addiction bails.

Daniels says children don't tell adults what to do. They will dictate the time and place for their match.


Next week, we'll see a world title match between Jay Lethal and Hirooki Goto. We get a House of Truth promo saying that Jay Lethal is the best and that Goto can go to hell.


Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe def. Reno Scum (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

Holy crap, it's Reno Scum! These guys have been West Coast fixtures pretty much forever. Mr. Wrestling 3, who is still reading up on ROH history, idly wonders whether Reno Scum is part of the S.C.U.M. faction that was in the company a few years ago.

This was a pretty standard TV tag match where you know right up top which team is going over, but Reno Scum still got a lot of time to get their stuff in and work over the Briscoes. Mark Briscoe's cartwheel Death Valley Driver is wonderful. A Froggy Bow gets the win for Dem Boys.

What we learned: The Briscoes remain the Briscoes. You gotta keep the Briscoes strong. But it's always nice to see some good local talent get some time and exposure.


In three weeks, it's Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young in a Fight Without Honor. Castle cuts another awesome promo, sans Boys, because their eyes aren't ready for the brutality of a Fight Without Honor.

One last note about interstitial stuff: this week, we get a new commercial to add to the Jay Lethal knee brace ads and the ACH ROH shop bit and the DVD ad where Colby Corino gets superkicked. Now, the Cleaner himself, Kenny Omega, tells us to buy some shirts! Neat!

And just like that, it's main event time! These hours just fly by, don't they?


Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin def. The Young Bucks

Elgin and Tanahashi get separate entrances, because they may be best friends for life, but they're not THAT best friends. Tanahashi's titantron video has a title card that says ALL OF THE WORLD ACE 100%. I would buy a shirt that said that.

As for the match itself, it rules about as much as you would expect, based on your personal feelings about the four gentlemen involved.

In the home stretch, Tanahashi and Elgin eat a bunch of superkicks and the Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver. Elgin catches Nick in mid-air with a powerbomb to turn the tide and an assisted High Fly Low to Matt Jackson gets the win for Big Mike and his pal.

What we learned: I'm not sure! Both teams looked great, but the Bucks are just going around and around with everyone else at this point. Elgin and Tanahashi weren't in the tag gauntlet last week and this win probably doesn't mean they'll be challenging for the tag titles any time soon. We'll just have to wait and see.

But we DO have a world title match next week! One last plug for Lethal vs. Goto before Kelly and Mr. 3 sign off.


That's it for this week. You can watch ROH's weekly television on Comet or in syndication on Sinclair stations, or with a Ringside Membership on

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