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Asuka just sold us on her match with Bayley at NXT Takeover: Dallas in one Instagram post

Just this past Wednesday night, NXT made it official: Asuka will challenge Bayley for the women's championship at the Takeover: Dallas event scheduled for April 1 in Texas. And while they've still got a couple episodes of television left to build to it, Asuka just totally sold us on the match with one Instagram post:

A photo posted by WWEAsuka (@wwe_asuka) on

Taking on Bayley for the championship, the winning streak and the shortest time record
It has been almost 6 months since my NXT debut.

As my first NXT Women's Championship match at NXT TakeOver: Dallas on April 1 approaches, I have 2 things to emphasize about my career with NXT.

First, I have been unbeaten during the period.

Second, no one but me has ever earned a shot at the women's title in such a short amount of time after their NXT debut.

I am proud of myself for making these possible.

However, these achievements will only to be shattered into pieces if I lose to Bayley in the title match.

In this regard, I can say the upcoming championship match will be a big chance and a big risk to me.

Some of you might remember that I swore I would make the Divas' Division better and more exciting at the press conference back in September 2015.

One of my ultimate goals at WWE is to create new values and set a new standard for the Divas' Division.

As a professional athlete, I have been trying to raise the quality of my performance to the level comparable to men's matches. It may sound nonsense, but I am seriously aiming for it.

If the day when I feel that I can't reach that level anyhow came, my life would be overwhelmed by a sense of failure.

The match against Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Dallas isn't just for the championship. It is also a challenge to keep my winning streak alive and break the record as the fastest riser to the title. Furthermore, the match should have a major impact on future matches of the women's division to take the division to the next stage. You won't have an opportunity to witness a championship match that consists of such various elements so often.

On April 1, at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, I will step in the ring with determination to make the championship match with Bayley an instant classic to be handed down among WWE universe.

Can't wait.

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