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Dixie Carter congratulates Hulk Hogan on Gawker trial victory

Just to catch you up on the history of Hulk Hogan and TNA President Dixie Carter (with, in fairness, some opinion from this writer)...

She paid him a ton of money and gave he & his buddy Eric Bischoff control of Impact Wrestling, watched as he entered into an expensive & foolhardy war with WWE, hired his friends while de-emphasizing TNA's loyal talent, made his daughter a central figure in the promotion even though she didn't wrestle (along with Bischoff's son, who was a wrestler - kind of) and eventually left the company following a scene where he literally dragged her up the ramp while she clutched his leg, begging him to stay.

In the trial for his lawsuit against the website Gawker for releasing a sex tape he says was filmed without his consent (which occurred in 2012 while he a player with Impact, something Dixie nor her company ever made an issue of), Hogan and his attorneys dismissed TNA as a small-time promotion and Carter as someone who overestimated her public relations experience.

So, her Tweet from earlier this morning to the Hulkster congratulating him on his victory in court yesterday either makes her one of the most forgiving and magnanimous people in the history of the wrestling business, or...

I'm gonna go with "forgiving and magnanimous", because otherwise... I can't even.

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