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AeroStar's CRAZY dive highlights Lucha Underground Austin Warfare live event at South by Southwest

courtesy El Rey Network

Lucha Underground held their first show outside the confines of their Boyle Heights Temple this week, as the promotion journeyed to co-creator Robert Rodriguez's home turf of Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

The Tuesday night show featured a spot to rival Angelico's famed season one leap, when AeroStar dove from a balcony in the Austin Music Hall onto Pentagon, Jr., Son of Havoc & Drago as part of their fourway opener - this after he left the match following being put through a table by Pentagon. As you can see in the Tweeted video below, the catch wasn't as clean as could be, and considering the height, many believed the outer space luchador was injured.

Fortunately, despite being stretchered off after the match, officials report he only suffered a bloody nose and sore back as a result of the landing.

Here's the rest of the results from Mar. 15's action, which also featured Rey Mysterio in action:

- Pentagon Jr defeated AeroStar, Drago, & Son of Havoc after package piledriver/suplex combo to Drago & AeroStar
- Vampiro takes out hospital attendants and a doctor who try to talk him into leaving the violent, alcohol-filled environment of Austin
- Catrina complains that Vamp made a match between Fenix & Mil Muertes; Fenix rolls up Mil to steal a win
- Ivelisse defeated Taya via submission
- Cage, Prince Puma & Rey Mysterio defeated Johnny Mundo, PJ Black & Jack Evans following a triple 6-1-9 to the rudos

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