How Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn Reinforces the Idea of Pro Wrestling

The WWE is the only major wrestling promotion that tells the fans that the entertainment aspect comes first and not the wrestling. It has caused a clear divide in fandom between the hardcore wrestling purists the casual fan that enjoys a 300-lb. man in an Adidas track suit dancing (Sorry, Brodus Clay). But, since the inception of NXT, we have begun to see a shift in WWE of what matters most: wrestling and the storytelling that accompanies it.

Now, while the main product has baffled wrestling purists with its lack of consistent storytelling, it has given us some good if not great in-ring product. From John Cena's weekly U.S. Open challenges to every match Kevin Owens is involved in, it gives us at least one match per week to get excited about.

Here's where NXT comes in: Triple H and the folks down in Florida have stripped down what makes professional wrestling great and haven't strayed from that ideal. Needless to say, it's worked beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

Sami Zayn has been a big part of that. The character is a perfect example of someone fans can get behind by his consistent use of his facial expressions, in-ring talent, and selling ability. His arc also isn't something that's been stunted by creative decisions. The NXT creative forces know what they have in him and have never forced an idea that backfired.

Insert Shinsuke Nakamura, arguably the most charismatic pure ass kicker in the game today. A talent like this hasn't ever been inserted in the WWE world. His charisma and strong style in-ring abilities are obvious, but his in-ring storytelling techniques are incredible. He knows the best ways to effectively start, progress and eventually end a match.

These two will undoubtedly have the match of the entire WrestleMania weekend. To me, it's clearly the bout that warrants the most anticipation. Why? Because it's a professional wrestling match in which the story will be told well.

At the end of the day, do we need anything else?

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