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WWE Raw preview (Mar. 14, 2016): WrestleMania reset

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With the Roadblock cleared, WWE takes their Monday night flagship to the Steel City. Will Pittsburgh treat this year's WrestleMania 32's main event story better than they did 30's when it started there at the 2014 Royal Rumble?

The Headliner

Even if nothing changed about the matches we'll see in Arlington, Texas on April 3 as a result of Saturday night's Network special, statements were made.

Dean Ambrose's pin of Triple H was waved off, but the Lunatic Fringe proved he could go toe-to-toe with the Game and take the audience with him on a World championship ride. It's disappointing for Dean and his fans he won't carry a belt to the Showcase of the Immortals, but he made it more likely that'll happen some day. Plus, he looks like a more than just a crazy S.O.B. Flashing some strategy in his bid to dethrone the King of Kings, Ambrose adds smarts to his arsenal of tough and unpredictable... and he'll need all three if he hopes to conquer the Beast, Brock Lesnar at Mania.

Hunter may have been rusty when he defended his WWE title for the first time at Roadblock, but even out of practice and caught off guard, he proved why this is his 14th World championship run. He also made it clear that while he hasn't wrestled a lot lately, he's still in shape to hang with anyone.

Tonight, he'll resume planning for Roman Reigns - a man we haven't seen outside of press conferences since Trips smashed his face in while fans cheered him on late last month. The Big Dog is still expected to miss another show or two. Can the champ get crowds hot for his return (if he even wants to)?

The Title Scene

While we resume the waiting game for the WWE World Heavyweight championship program, business is booming in a couple of other divisions.

Kevin Owens life got complicated last Monday when his long-time nemesis Sami Zayn made the jump from NXT to the main roster. After spending the weekend defending his Intercontinental title against AJ Styles, the champ will undoubtedly be gearing up for #KOMania again. Owens has complained about not having a match for North Texas, but he also was willing to WALK OWENS WALK rather than lock up with Sami on SmackDown. Fans are anxious to see these two go at it, but Kev has never been about giving fans what they want...

Two members of League of Nations gave New Day hell on Saturday, but they still managed to leave Toronto with the tag team championship. Tonight, it's already been announced that the other two Lads, Alberto Del Rio & Rusev, will have their chance to take the bronze belts from Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E.

Having survived a struggle of her own at Roadblock, Divas titleholder Charlotte can make like Triple H and get back to focusing on her defense at the Show of Shows. Unlike Haitch, the Nature Girl has two foes for whom to gameplan. That wasn't a problem on last week's Raw, but Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch will likely be better prepared themselves as Mania draws near.

United States champ Kalisto has been spending a lot of time working with tag partner Sin Cara since winning the red, white and blue belt. Ryback has counseled him to ditch his fellow Lucha Dragon. Does the increasingly aggressive Big Guy have an ulterior motive?

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- Family drama reached a fevered pitch last week when Vince not only spoke of disowning his son Shane, but the effect it would have on his three grandsons. The younger McMahon lashed out when security tried to remove him from the ring. With both generations scheduled to appear - plus Shane's Hell in a Cell opponent for Mania, the Undertaker - we have the proverbial combustible situation brewing in Consol Energy Center.

- Dressing like an 80s video girl again, Lana has it in for Brie Bella. After costing her a win on last Monday night, the Ravishing Russian better watch her back this week.

- Wear those Y2AJ shirts with pride. Chris Jericho will be happy to tell you what you can do with them, and your AJ Styles chants. The Phenomenal One hasn't yet responded to the three Codebreakers he took from Jericho last week - expect that to change tonight.

- After serving Luke Harper to Brock Lesnar over the weekend, what's Bray Wyatt's next move?

Three shows until WrestleMania!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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