The Power of Positivity: An Analysis of WWE Fans

WWE held Roadblock, a house show live event in the same vein of Beast In The East and Live From MSG, this weekend to give fans some action and (possibly) further stories heading into WrestleMania on April 3 in Texas. In the main event, Triple H laced up his boots once more to take on Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a match that was made two weeks ago on Monday Night RAW, in order to further Dean's character of being WWE's tried and true Ironman.

Now, I didn't see the match, or really anything of Roadblock, as I do not have the WWE Network. A lot of this information comes from the live thread here and the live reaction stream WhatCulture held on their WhatCultureWWE channel on YouTube (Go subscribe to them if you haven't, they have brilliant material and even a storyline going!), so if I get anything wrong here, I apologize in advance.

The consensus of the match was that it was pretty damn fantastic, a Match of the Year candidate. Triple H proved he never truly lost his stride, Dean looked strong as hell, which feeds into his character, there was excellent chain wrestling and technical genius on Dean's part (First a Rings of Saturn, then a Figure Four, THEN a Sharpshooter!), it seemed to make a wonderful main event.

Unfortunately, many fans may not see it as such...

As soon as the final bell rang and Triple H was declared winner (After a sequence where Dean was put through the announce table, dragged himself back into the ring only to eat a Pedigree and a three count), many people watching immediately threw up their arms in anger and disgust, furious that Dean wasn't leaving Toronto with the championship. Some blamed it on Roman, others on Vince. Hell, I saw a few people using the infamous hashtag #CancelWWENetwork, all because of the finish and who won the match. None of them took into account the performance of Triple H or Dean, none of them considered this could lead to something much bigger down the road. None of them even looked at something else from the event they could truly enjoy, and trust me, there was plenty to enjoy (Booty-O's, Jericho being a fantastic heel as always, a brilliant match for the NXT Tag Team Championships, an enjoyable Women's match, Sami Zayn getting a hometown pop). No, sadly, it was a lot of negative vibes.

And that, I feel, is a MAJOR problem with fans of WWE today.

These fans, some of which are the purest of the anti-Reigns crowd, channel such vitriol, such negative energy into live events for often miniscule things, and never looking further into why it could have happened or even looking back on other happenings in these live events to find something they can take home with them and love. All they see is the negative, the downsides, the drawbacks.

"Dean was one of the final two in the Royal Rumble and put on a hell of a standing." Yeah, but he was eliminated! By TRIPLE H! That's such a burial!

"Dean was in the main event of Fastlane, he looked brilliant in the lead-up to it, for God's sake he stood toe to toe with BROCK LESNAR and never backed down once!" Yeah, but he still lost the match! He ate the pin! Now he's going to lose to Lesnar at WrestleMania and Roman's going to be champion again!

"Dean and Triple H put on a fantastic match, at least a four-star match, a Match of the Year candidate!" Yeah, but he lost! There was almost a Dusty finish, Triple H didn't need this match! They totally ruined him, he'll be jobbing by the end of the summer!

Now, I realize these things suck, they really do. I hate that Dean is being shoved to the wayside just as much as the next guy. And I can also understand the backlash for the main event of Fastlane, how it seemed like WWE is scared to take a risk on Dean. But people need to realize that despite these scenarios, there is still a lot to be happy about.

The Royal Rumble had a fantastic Last Man Standing match as an opener (Which Dean was in, funny how people fail to see that...), the seeds of a Triple Threat match between three of the Four Horsewomen at WrestleMania, and AJ FUCKING STYLES debuting in WWE!

Fastlane, while lackluster in terms of necessity, had a damn fine match between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho (Another MotY, watch it if you haven't), a surprisingly good Two Out Of Three Falls match between Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship, and even the main event was decent in some spots (The Samoan Drop/German Suplex combo was brilliant).

Roadblock, as I stated above, had so much to love about it, such great things that we can all still enjoy. Why let one thing ruin your entire experience?

Why let one thing ruin your overall love of the product?

I reiterate that statement because it really needs and deserves to be reiterated. WWE today, while poor in many aspects, is also great in others. When it's bad, it is dreadful, I'll give you that. But when it's good, it's fantastic, it's amazing, it can be so wonderful. It can make you proud to still be a wrestling fan.

For every Fastlane 2016, there is a Summerslam 2015. For every Wyatt burial, there's a stellar AJ Styles outing in the Royal Rumble. For every negative, there is a positive. There is ALWAYS a positive.

I'm not asking you to just shut up and accept what WWE does like good little soldiers, not at all. I encourage you all to continue using your voices, continue to call WWE out on its bullshit when they need and deserve to be called out on it. We used our voices in 2014, and you know what we got? Daniel Bryan as WWE World Heavyweight Champion! We DO have power, we CAN change things around here!

All I ask of you, the fans, is to look beyond the negative. Look past the piss-poor booking, the botches, the character depreciation, look past what you hated about a WWE event. Look back on what you cheered for, what you sat on the edge of your seat for. Maybe it was a certain spot in a match, or a match in general. Maybe it was a comedy act making you laugh hard, or a surprise debut of one of your all-time favorites. Hell, maybe it was just seeing one of your favorite wrestlers show up, because they can always put a smile on your face.

Think about what makes you happy to love wrestling, what makes you proud to love WWE. Because, yes, we may say we're going to cancel the WWE Network, we may say we're going to stop watching. But if we remember that there's always something that makes us want to keep watching, something that reminds us why we watch at all, it makes those negative vibes dissipate. We remember what we love, and we keep loving it, because we can always have that memory.

Don't you dare be sour, my friends. Just remember there's always a silver lining, and you'll start to feel the power.

Because, trust me, there is ALWAYS a new day...

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