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WWE Roadblock results: New Day retain over Sheamus and Barrett

The Road to WrestleMania went through a talk show segment at Fastlane, into some YouTube and Twitter videos (with a detour into some cool dad drama) and finally into a tag title match at Roadblock for the tag team championship program.

Toronto had a standard house show set-up for the WWE Network special, and the usual pre-match schtick from Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods as they introduced a new shirt design in collectible Booty-Os cereal box packaging.

The party continued for New Day early in their match-up with Sheamus & King Barrett, but eventually the League of Nations duo cut the ring in half and worked over Kofi. The high flier was worked over until he managed to catch Sheamus coming off the top rope with a drop kick.

E cleaned house, but Sheamus caught Kingston again with a Cloverleaf. After taking care of Barrett on the outside, the big man was there for Kofi to make a tag and a chaotic sequence followed where an attempted double team move by the champs resulted in an ugly landing for both New Day members (Kofi in particular landed on his head after clipping Sheamus' shoulder with his legs).

The LoN took advantage of the situation and isolated Big E, but Woods distracted the referee, so Barrett's cover went for naught. After Kofi recovered to take care of Sheamus on the floor, the King turned into a Big Ending, and the champs retained.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from what was otherwise a pretty standard match was that the champs worked babyface for most of the bout, and even Xavier's distraction was in response to heelish actions by the challengers.

This is almost certainly not over, but the Power of Positivity looks like it has helped New Day to walk into Mania as champs.

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