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Magnus: 'Lucha Underground really interests me'

Magnus gave an interview to Sports Illustrated recently where he made clear he did not leave TNA for GFW -- mostly because GFW isn't much of a promotion at the moment and it would be impossibly for any wrestler to leave any company for it. Having said that, he's a free agent in pro wrestling and he has his eyes on a certain program that airs on Wednesday nights on El Rey Network:

"Lucha Underground really interests me. The biggest problem with the business right now for the boys is that the remaining market share that doesn't belong to WWE is divided up by so many companies. TNA used to have that market share, but now it's divided up by so many entities. Financially, it's not a great time to be a wrestler because it's the same portion of market share divided up by more entity, but Lucha Underground is so different that it could bring in new fans. I'm very much a free agent. I just started working with [agent] Bill Behrens, who has done great work with AJ Styles and Moose. I'm absolutely at a point where I'm refreshed and my passion is back, and it's time for me to explore more and reinvent myself. I'm going to be better than ever wherever I go."

Lucha Underground has found a place for stars from both TNA and WWE, so it's not unreasonable to think they could find a place for Magnus -- and maybe Mickie James -- too.

Would you want to see it?

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