Predicting what this year's WrestleMania entrances might look like

Wrestlemania is only a few weeks away and one thing that is a staple of the event is entrances. For 364 days of the year, wrestlers will enter an arena in the same way. But at Wrestlemania, some go the extra mile to make their entrance a spectacle to behold. Here's my predictions as to what special entrances we might see this year when Wrestlemania rolls into Dallas, Texas....

The League of Nations

Handel's "Zadok the Priest", otherwise known as the UEFA Champions League theme hits as a group of people looking like International dignitaries approach the ring led by Lana. They are all dressed in business suits and are carrying the flag of the European Union as well as the Mexican flag. As they enter the ring the music stops and suddenly the whirring of a helicopter can be heard. A Hind D (Colonel, what's a Russian Gunship doing here?) approaches from above as the League of Nations theme begins to play. Four ropes are dropped for the helicopter as Barrett, Sheamus, Rusev and Del Rio repel down to the ground and into the ring.

The New Day

The New Day's theme hits but no one comes out. Shortly after this a massive wooden horse is wheeled to the ring, like something out of the Trojan War. But this is no Trojan Horse. It has a massive horn (dick) on its head making it a TROJAN UNICORN. The League of Nations who are already in the ring, go to inspect this unicorn. As the League approach the giant structure, Big E shouts out "AAAWWWW DALLLAS! DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR!" as the New Day enter out of the Trojan Unicorn and attack the League of Nations.

Social Outcasts (Axel Rose)

Axel Rose rises out of the ground whilst playing a piano as Guns N Roses play the tag team to the ring with all nine minutes of their 1992 hit "November Rain". Curtis Axel and Adam Rose decide to re-enact the music video's wedding scene with Axel playing the bride, Rose playing the groom and Bo Dallas playing the priest. Heath Slater then imitates Slash by air guitaring along to his solo halfway through the song. They even manage to pipe in fake rain to the Jerrydome.

Triple H

Triple H will continue his tradition of elaborate Wrestlemania entrances this year. To get himself even more over as a babyface with the smarks, his entrance will begin with a heartfelt video package in tribute to the late great Lemmy of Motorhead. His entrance will pay homage to one of Motorhead's most famous tunes "Ace of Spades". Triple H will enter surrounded by people dressed as playing cards (played by wrestlers from Evolve just for the smarks). Triple H (dressed as the King of Spafes) will take it upon himself to bludgeon all the cards to death with his sledgehammer except the Queen of Spades (Stephanie McMahon), the King of Spades and the Ace of Spades. Triple H enters the ring under a giant Tower of Cards.

Roman Reigns

In fear of fans revolting and throwing things at him, Roman is put inside a glass box, similar to an Elimination Chamber pod and wheeled to the ring through the crowd by security guards. When he reaches ringside, Roman superman punches his way out of the pod as fireworks go off in the background.

Shane McMahon

A video plays on the titantron in what looks like an episode of How it's Made which is all about how money is created. Then "Here Comes the Money" hits. Shane McMahon crashes through a wall of money and enters the arena. After a mega Shane O'Mac shuffle on the gigantic Wrestlemania stage, Shane starts doing snow angels in massive piles of money. Meanwhile dollar bills begin raining into the crowd. Fans are at first excited but then disappointed when they realise the dollar bills are not real as they have the face of Shane McMahon on instead of George Washington.

The Undertaker

With only Shane in the ring, the Hell in a Cell structure lowers. The Undertaker's gong hits. Lightning strikes as we can hear the voice of Vince McMahon saying "my greatest creation" over and over again. Another gong hits and the lights come back on. Shane sees a figure that looks like the Undertaker from his early 90s days. As Shane goes to attack him, the lights go off again. When they come back on, Shane sees a figure looking like the Undertaker from 1997. This pattern continues and we get to see Ministry Undertaker, American Bad Ass Undertaker and Mohawk Undertaker. Then the Undertaker's entrance starts properly and he makes his way to the ring. The whole thing takes up about 15 minutes.

AJ Styles

Due to an error in the production truck, AJ Lee's music plays instead of AJ Styles' theme. Instead of complaining, Styles decides to run with it. He proceeds to skip to the ring like AJ Lee to "Let's Light it Up". Then the production truck fix their error and Styles finishes his entrance as normal.

Chris Jericho

Jericho's entrance will be designed to annoy and intimidate his opponent, AJ Styles. Due to Styles' somewhat uncomfortable relationship with THE GAY COMMUNITY, Y2J's entrance starts out as a gay pride parade. After that is over, "Break the Walls Down" hits and Jericho comes out wearing his light-up jacket that illuminates an LGBT rainbow flag. Jericho is accompanied to the ring by former thorn in AJ's side, Claire Lynch who has a plastic baby AJ in her arms.

So there are just a few ideas of special Wrestlemania entrances. They probably won't look anything like that when we get to the Jerrydome but one can only hope they will be creative and memorable and add to the spectacle that is Wrestlemania.

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