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Shocking revelations about the legitimacy of WWE Tough Enough

(No, we don't have a sarcasm font for headlines)

On a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about catching up with Tanner Saraceno at the 2016 World MMA Awards. Saraceno is preparing for his pro mixed martial arts debut (something WWE officials apparently suggested to him as a way back into the company), but took some time to talk to Meltzer about his experience on Tough Enough.

In addition to telling Tanner to make a name for himself in MMA, producers also felt he wasn't a strong enough promo to be signed after being eliminated on the reality show like ZZ or new Total Divas star Mandy Rose (Amanda on TE).

And they could apparently tell because, according to Saraceno, interviews on the show were heavily scripted - like promos on Raw or SmackDown. He told Meltzer he often did multiple takes of each sit-down because he'd failed to use specific terms the producers wanted.

Tanner also confirms many viewers suspicions about WWE's favorites on the cast. He said that Amanda and eventual men's winner Josh Bredl were positioned to win from early on. For example, any time Bredl did something well in training, it would be a focus of episodes, but the same was not true for other contestants.

A similar approach was tried with Amanda, but the fan vote system and Sara Lee's populist appeal torpedoed those plans.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it does confirm a lot of fan speculation. And show again how WWE fumbled the return of a property a lot of fans were excited to see by presenting it as one thing while trying to control the outcome behind-the-scenes.

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