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The REC Awards: January 31 - February 6, 2016


Let's Book Bayley to Hug the Light Back into Braun Strowman - Geno Mrosko

From Philly to Orlando - Roman Reigns' never-ending road to WrestleMania AND When Sean Rueter Meets Geno Mrosko - A Cageside Seats Fan Fiction - Lordban

Ubermensch vs. Underdog: The Vince McMahon Hero - caseyfiore

NXT Memphis - Brigade's life is complete - Brigade17

Making Wrestling Great Again (Part One) - loopcloses


Comments (Link to album)

First, people try to break down an acronym (Pt 1 and Pt 2)

LadyBlack channels some bears. Other responses follow

South of Mars and North of Hell reacts to Braun Strowman rapping

IRodC and Sean Rueter discuss a spanking

MikeThePatsFan grades Raw

LoneStranger wins

Casey Garner and caseyfiore discuss CM Punk

KingMonkeynuts has a question

Zhahnruh and SteelSooner discuss Big E becoming the master

Flashking has a message for Sasha Banks

Kevin's Teen has a question, and J. Oliver answers

suiko puns

Rivan King has a question

Arai reacts to a rumor

Punmaster Flexible and cherrycoloured discuss Monday's huge event

ThePollux8 reacts to a rumor

TotalScrub reacts to an NXT rumor (spoiler involved). Kevin Kostka responds

Mighty Jack tells of a horrible sell-job

Nameless... (now ThingsandStuff again) presents Sister Abigail

LSE7ENZ has another idea for Sister Abigail

And finally, Professor Maximillian Arturo has yet another Sister Abigail suggestion. signor, The Amazing A-hole, and Suplex Power respond


That's it for this week's RECs. Tune in next time for more stuff.

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