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Full video of Bayley cheering up an injured Finn Bálor by doing his entrance is a virtual hug

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You've probably heard the story of how Bayley did Finn Bálor's entrance at tonight's NXT Indianapolis show.

But just seeing some grainy cell phone footage and a few Tweets doesn't prepare you for the official video, where you can see how much fun the Women's champ is having (and how, though some will say there were a couple of tiny missteps, she absolutely nails the spirit of it).

It especially doesn't get you ready to deal with the look of pure joy on Finn's face.

Don't worry about the Irishman's ankle. I don't know how the folks in attendance didn't suffer sprained faces from smiling while this was going on. Seriously, y'all, they need to use this video in depression treatment. From here on out, forget baby animals, I'm watching this when I have the blues.

Ok, enough already. Here it is.

EXCLUSIVE: Bayley cheers up Finn Balor

How do you cheer up an injured WWE NXT Champion? Women's Champion Bayley showed us how in Indianapolis tonight, bringing a smile to Finn Bálor's face. #BalorClub #NXTIndy

Posted by WWE on Saturday, February 6, 2016

UPDATE: For however long it lasts (and dang it, WWE, leave it up!), here's some more fanshot footage which includes the in-ring set-up for the segment. And it only confirms that everyone involved is wonderful.

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