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Bayley does Finn Balor's entrance at NXT Indianapolis - Finn on crutches tries to do same, falls

WWE NXT on Instagram

Oh NXT, you even make injuries fun.

Men's champion Finn Bálor hurt his ankle last night in Nashville. That forced the promotion to call an audible and make a Triple Threat against familiar foes Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin for his scheduled partner, Samoa Joe.

But NXT and the Irishman were not going to deprive the Indianapolis faithful of his iconic entrance. So they sent Bayley to do it...

As you can see, Finn is there, but was probably smart enough to not try throwing his arms in the air on the ramp while on one leg and holding two crutches. But either the moment got to him or he was just waiting to get in the ring where the ropes would catch him should he fall, because he tries to give his Club the signature "throw your arms in the air" move with the Hugster, and...

Right now, that ankle doesn't look too bad, champ. Let's try to keep it that way.

Bayles, you just keep doing you.

UPDATE: You must now love the Hugster with all your heart, with an option to 'ship Finn Bayl-or.