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CM Punk angle at UFC event tonight

According to the Wrestling Observer, we may get an angle involving CM Punk at tonight's (Feb. 6, 2016) UFC Fight Night 82 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's because Mickey Gall will be fighting on the preliminary card that airs on UFC Fight Pass at around 7:30 p.m. ET.

That's the same Gall who was featured on UFC President Dana White's "Looking for a Fight" series and the guy White confirmed would be Punk's first opponent in his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut if he is to defeat his opponent tonight, Mike Jackson.

The Observer reports if Gall is victorious, Punk will likely enter the cage to set up their fight. That almost surely means an interview and staredown, as is customary.

Finally, journalists will have something of substance to ask him about (and maybe he won't get pissed off this time!), assuming Gall wins and UFC books the fight right away. If Jackson wins, however, all bets are off and the waiting game continues.

Update: Gall won in seconds via rear-naked choke and the fight is on, likely for June.

The staredown video:

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