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Lucha Underground is on iTunes


One of the biggest demands among wrestling fans - especially those without a cable or satellite provider who offers El Rey Network - has been for more ways to get Lucha Underground on their screens.

Rumors persisted that Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett were working on it, and today looks like it's our lucky day, as all 39 episodes of season one and a season pass for the currently airing season two hit iTunes today.

For $34.99 (standard definition) or $44.99 (high def) you can follow along with the happenings in the Temple from episode one. They're also available a la carte for $1.99/$2.99.

Four of the current season two episodes of are available at the same price, and the premiere, "A Much Darker Place" appears to be free. Alternatively, you can purchase the season pass for $29.99/$39.99 and new episodes will load into your Apple account weekly (no official word on how quickly they'll post, but episode 5 "The Machine" debuted on television last Wednesday, Feb. 24 and is on iTunes today, Feb. 29).

This is great news for a show that's hooked almost everyone who's seen it, and should lead to more revenue for the show and even more increases to their already growing viewership.

Go tell your friends, and start binging with them today!

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