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The REC Awards: February 14 - 27, 2016

Well, another couple weeks of WWE programming down, and the booking is getting even weirder and weirder. Oh well, time for some REC Awards.

And please do read toward the end as I do have an important announcement.



CM Punk and Daniel Bryan: The Voice of the Voiceless and the Self of the Selfless - sheepmask

Yer Doin’ It Wrong: Ways to Watch WWE - ThingsandStuff

Fixing WrestleMania In Three Words: Ambrose Pipe Bomb - BMAMag

The Reality of WWE's Reality Era - Biff Kensington

I Hate Roman Reigns - BlackjackXXI

The Greatest Work of Our Time: How Triple H Became the Most Over Man in Wrestling - andrewmswift



First, Kevin's Teen, Otis C., and others do some singing

Vidence, Fight NIFS Fight, and others gush over Triple H being the most over babyface

Chocolate Midget, sethrollinschairshot, and others pun

Chocolate Midget reacts to the news of King Barrett leaving WWE

DSmithScenes and Angrif77 think about Bayley debuting

loopcloses reacts to Michelle Beadle burying the hatchet with WWE

jayenregalia has a wish

WARistotle reacts to Beef

the satyr icon and Carroll Kingsley react to Brie Bella's retirement announcement

Face Off reacts to Sin Cara's new mask

Maclovio Williams, Esq. puns

ThePollux8 shows Vince's office

K.T. and LtKubi discuss fandom

South of Heaven, Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman, and others react to an edgier Raw

shaner5000 does some thinking

GooseyGooseAndTheGooseBunch, hitmen99, and Sandow's Superior react to a rumor

Punmaster Flexible, Kane's...Mug, and Lordban think about Shane McMahon's lockbox

Kane's...Mug has a wish. So does ob1force

Veena reacts to a rumor

Kane's...Mug and Kevin's Teen react to Shane vs Undertaker

hitmen99 does some thinking, but Jon Benne responds with truth

Bork Lazer reacts to WWE's idiocy. A bringer of bad news and AdvocateforHarper respond

Jon Benne and TD70 react to a SmackDown spoiler

mreedesq and Cruztovictory react to some Shane GIFs

SaskatchewanSpinningNerveHold has an issue with Shane's training regimen

Jon Benne and My Big Mouth think about a WrestleMania moment

TMadeBurner and Revengeance react to Natalya's sad Instagram post about Tyson Kidd

IRodC reacts to Vince McMahon cursing. El Gato Pollo Loco responds

Chocolate Midget reacts to a tribute

MikeThePatsFan reacts to said tribute. The Amazing A-hole and roomtemp respond

And finally, The Amazing A-hole, JBL's Other Boy, and tjneargarder debate kayfabe


And that's it for this week's REC Awards.

Now for the announcement. Next Sunday, I will be traveling out of state to start a new job and the training involved with it. As a result of this, the RECs will more than likely be going on a temporary hiatus.

Until next time!

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