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Shane McMahon to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania in Hell in a Cell

Well, they said Taker's opponent was going to be someone who wasn't on the roster.

But no one guessed it would be Shane McMahon. Especially considering no one had Shane on their radar as a WWE player ever again considering he hasn't been with the company in more than five years.

He returned to bring up some business with his father and daughter. A lot of 'Reality' Era talk followed, and the shoot/work lines got uncomfortably blurred when Vince talked about administering beatings to his son.

Kayfabe wasn't far behind, however. Shane wants control of Raw (a mention which started brand split rumors almost immediately) and is willing to put his body - and whatever he has which he can blackmail his dad with - on the line to get it. So he accepted one match on one night for the helm of the flagship show.

And Vince picker Undertaker. At WrestleMania. In Hell in a Cell.

It's often been said that WWE will pull out all the stops to make Mania a spectacle like none other.

Not sure we've ever had better proof than this.

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