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WWE Fastlane 2016 results: Roman Reigns pins Dean Ambrose to head to WrestleMania

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It was billed as Brother vs. Brother vs. Beast.

The Triple Threat match which headlined Fastlane was booked to give us a #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship held by Triple H, and a main eventer for WrestleMania. It was also layered with drama, both in story and out. Dean Ambrose was cheered. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar got mixed reactions, though the crowd definitively sided with Paul Heyman's guy when he suplexed the Big Dog.

The Anomaly dominated the early going, much as he did in his one-on-one match with Reigns from last year's Mania. Lesnar F5-ed Roman early, and we only avoided a pinfall thanks to Ambrose diving in to break up the pin.

It was then the story shifted to the one WWE had spent so much time building to over the last several weeks. Would Lesnar be able to put Ambrose down, or was Dean too crazy to know when to quit? It was the re-emergence of Reigns with a Spear to the Beast while he had the Lunatic Fringe on his shoulders that saved us from a finish.

From there, the Brothers worked together to cancel out Lesnar. Another low blow from Dean put Brock down. An assisted Powerbomb through the announce table kept him there so Reigns and Ambrose could battle one-on-one.

Friendship was thrown out the window, and initially Reigns wasn't ready for it. Crossbodies, flying elbows, Dean was all over the former WWE champ. But Roman powered out of a neckbreaker for an exchange of strikes until both men were on the mat.

They noticed Lesnar starting to stir, and headed back outside to work him over once again. A second announce table broke under the former UFC champion, and this time the Shield-mates buried the Beast in the wreckage.

It was Roman who first attacked his friend, playing to the boos as he roughed up Dean. Ambrose scratched and clawed as promised, elbowing out of a slam. He sidestepped a Spear after a Superman punch, and pulled Reigns in for Dirty Deeds. But only got a two count as Cleveland cheered him on.

Reigns picked Ambrose up, when Lesnar raced back into the action! He suplexed both men and left all three struggling for their feet. Roman captialized first, hitting Brock with a Spear. But the MMA vet transitioned to a kimura!

Amazingly, Roman lifted Lesnar up within the hold, buying time for Ambrose to show up with a steel chair and level Brock - and then Reigns. But as Dean ensured the Beast was out of the ring, he turned into another Spear, and brother had pinned brother.

Roman Reigns will headline WrestleMania in North Texas against Triple H.