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WWE Fastlane 2016 results: Charlotte submits Brie Bella to retain the Divas title

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The Divas title match at Fastlane was a family affair.

Challenger Brie Bella was fighting not only to become a two-time champ, but also for the legacy of her retired husband Daniel Bryan and her injured sister, Nikki.

Champion Charlotte came to the ring with her father Ric Flair, under who's tutelage she's become a dominant heel titleholder.

Their bout was draped in that legacy tonight. The champ end Nikki's record-setting reign with the belt. Brie wore her husband's WrestleMania 32 boots to the ring. Charlotte mocked her rival with YES chants.

She may have taken the mocking too far, and not taken Bella seriously, however. Brie broke out some mat-based wrestling and moves like Bryan's YES Lock and seemed to startle the challenger. But every time Bella looked to have a shot, Charlotte had an answer. She just wasn't able to put the Total Divas star away.

Each competitor mocked the other - Brie with something resembling a Flair strut, Charlotte with the Bella twirl - and BB continued to borrow moves from the family with a Bella-hammer elbow that almost ended the match. A couple of dropkicks sent the champ reeling, and top rope version looked like it might make her storybook tale come true.

Bella seemed to have tweaked her left knee on that last drop kick, however, and she couldn't lock in a Boston Crab (which she switched to out of a YES Lock). Charlotte threw her off, locked in a Figure Eight, and we're out.

It was a strangely executed way to end the story, but it was a pretty good one-off way to transition the division.

It looks like the era of the Bellas may truly be over.