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WWE Fastlane 2016 results: Kevin Owens beats hometown boy Dolph Ziggler to remain Intercontinental champ

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An arrogant two-time Intercontinental champion faced off against a hometown kid in the third match on the WWE Fastlane card in Cleveland tonight (Feb. 21).

Butting Dolph Ziggler in his braided head, Kevin Owens taunted the Show-Off from the start. It took some time for Ziggler to claw his way back into the match, and even when he did with a drop kick, it was short-lived. A whip to the corner produced impact with the turnbuckle which looked to catch Dolph painfully around the shoulder and neck area, a potential injury to which commentary paid a lot of attention.

During a stretch where Owens was doing his best to turn the audience against the local boy, the champ got caught and sent shoulder first into the ringpost. Ziggler looked to put things away and become the new IC titleholder, but was dumped crotch first on the top rope.

Instead of focusing on the challenger, KO got into a screaming match with Michael Cole and found himself on the receiving end of a big DDT. Ziggler was too wiped to hook the leg, however, and could only get two.

The two heavyweights traded big shots, including big superkicks from both men. They really got the crowd on their side during this sequence, especially when Dolph countered an apron powerbomb attempt with a hurricanrana into the steep steps.

A Famouser almost ended it, but Owens hid behind the referee to avoid another Superkick. That was the opening the champ needed to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb. The champ remained the champ because he'd done the better job of strategizing between two opponents who've worked opposite each other fifteen times on television alone since last Summer.

KOMania is one step closer.