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WWE Fastlane 2016: Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch vs. Naomi & Tamina full match preview

Ok, I admit, in recent months, my PPV previews have been... lacking. Actually, they've corresponded with my interest in whatever match gets picked out of a hat. See my Royal Rumble preshow and TLC elimination match previews. I'm gonna attempt to put a little effort into this one, but no promises. Because there are two people in this match that if I didn't care about them at all, it would be an improvement. So let's focus on the two people I do care about, and underexplain how we got here.

For months, Becky Lynch pursued her one-time best friend Charlotte's WWE Divas Championship. Though she did beat her on a few occasions, she couldn't do it when it counted, and that included the Royal Rumble event.

Moments after Becky Lynch lost to Charlotte (I will not explain the finish, no, no, not doing that, please stop), Sasha Banks returned from injury or something. She put the beating on Beckles and it looked for a few seconds we were gonna get a reunion of the Beautiful Fierce Females...until Sasha backstabbed her...literally...and put her in the crossface. Sasha wants the butterfly belt for herself. I mean, obviously, right?

But Sasha decided that, sorry Naomi and Tamina, you can't come along for the ride. Sasha's underlings, at first okay with it, were totally not okay with it, and they put the beating on their former boss. To the rescue: former BAEr Becky Lynch.

And here we are: Team BAD... or what's left of them, versus Team BAE for... reasons. Pretty much reasons. Maybe they have to get rid of the dead weight to get that ¾ of the Horsewomen at Wrestlemania Star (and Brie Bella) happening. Or maybe, just maybe, there's some shenanigans afoot in Cleveland. It almost feels like Sasha's gonna flip on Becky and Team BAD will reunite. Or maybe Sasha will flip and go solo. Remember. It was jealousy and greed that broke up Team BAE too.

Unity, everyone.


Well, if they are setting up a Wrestlemania bout with three of the four Horsewomen, then obviously Team BAE will win.


But as a constant reminder that WWE does in fact hate you, I have this weird, awful feeling in my gut that they're going to run with the "Becky Lynch has no friends" narrative because "she's too nice". And they're gonna turn the only babyface on the main roster heel. This fucking company, I swear to God.


Join the best wrestling community in the galaxy beginning this Sunday at 7pm ET. And hope to whatever deity you pray to that I'm wrong on the winner.

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