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NXT tag champs Dash & Dawson are now 'The Revival'

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The good news is NXT's commitment to classic concepts like nicknames for tag teams that don't start with the word "Team" (R.I.P. Team Rhodes Scholars... we barely knew ya).

The bad news is that the long-running and awesome fan-given nickname for current NXT tag team champions Dash & Dawson, The Mechanics/Mechanix, will not stick - at least not in any official capacity - if Wrestling Inc's news item is correct.

Because that item says the old-school, mat-based wrestlers are being announced at house shows as "The Revival". It's a hashtag the duo has used on social media. Even though it's not as badass as their other tag, #NoFlipsJustFists, The Revival makes more sense as a name and does almost as good a job at communicating Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson's throwback-style.

So a team that's often been compared to The Brainbusters has their own "The" name. And advocates for Mechanics will always have Dawson's training jacket.

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