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The REC Awards: February 7 - 13, 2016

Welp, it is Valentine's Day. For those who celebrate it, happy Valentine's Day. For those who don't, here is something else to celebrate...



Daniel Bryan is retiring and now I'm crying - Geno Mrosko

Dean Ambrose has been WWE's best asset, and they've known it - BlackjackXXI

Daniel Bryan Saved Me - Hammerhead Smark

An appreciation for the return of the real Jerry Lawler - DerekLavezzo


Comments (link to album)

First, Brigade17 and others react to Daniel Bryan retiring

TheDunktownExpress, AndresCantSleep, and others react to Braun Strowman being a Vince McMahon special

Many people react to Dave Meltzer naming an award after Daniel Bryan

benjaminlhp reacts to Batista telling Titus O'Neil to ask for his release

Veena, Ninja Without a Cause, and TJanssen411 react to Bayley being awesome

Brigade17 has a new person to honor and he starts immediately

TMadeBurner, Whitesox3035, and Uncle Lake provide just a couple of the reactions to Daniel Bryan retiring

Drew Nicholas gives props

Becky's Goggles has an idea

GooseyGooseAndTheGooseBunch honors Daniel Bryan. So does Veena

SpyroDash reacts to Raw's grade

Brigade17 appropriately reacts to a rumor

Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior responds

TheDunktownExpress also reacts to a rumor

phoenix0401 and MoreOverThanAlSnow react to manatees

Biff Kensington questions an idea

hitmen99 reacts to the strength of Bayley's bracelets

M. GOMEZ responds to Titus O'Neil's response to being suspended. vishnu_nuttsky responds

HolySchmitty has an idea

Shaun McIlroy, Brigade17, MetsIslesNoles, and Sweet Tea Harvey react to Titus O'Neil getting suspended

And finally, Johnny Cullen, The International, MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns, and AMawilePersonality respond to Bray Wyatt tweeting at a kid with Asperger's


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy Valentine's Day, use protection if appropriate, and tune in for next week's awards.

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