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Kurt Angle's 'break' from pro wrestling will last about a month and a half

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Last Fall, Kurt Angle announced that he'd be taking a break from pro wrestling when his TNA contract expired.

That happened at the end of Impact Wrestling's tour of the United Kingdom, so you'd think the Olympian is settling into his time off, right?

Unfortunately, if you've been following Angle's public statements about where he'll sign and what he'll do over the last few years, it's probably not surprising to hear he's headed back to the ring next month.

An outfit called UR Fight is promoting a pay-per-view (PPV) from Phoenix on March 20 that will feature Rey Mysterio taking on Angle, amongst other combat sports oddities.

Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn will square of in a mixed martial arts showdown between two guys over 50, Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen will "grapple" and Roy Jones Jr. will box against a fan.

In defense of Angle, this isn't a return to a full-time contract with an ongoing promotion, so it is a break from performing whenever his body allows. That he's been drawn back this quickly by a paycheck and/or a jones to get in front of a crowd doesn't seem like a sign that he'll really hang them up any time soon, however.

Anyone buying this show?