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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Dec. 8, 2016): EC3 vs. Eddie Edwards for the title!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Dec. 8, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight EC3 will face Eddie Edwards for the TNA title! Plus, we’ll finally learn about Total Nonstop Deletion, Allie will face Laurel Van Ness, and the Tribunal will face Al Snow & Mahabali Shera.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show opens with Moose. He says that the Grand Championship is the first major title he’s won and he gives credit to all of his fans. And he dedicates the title to all of them. He says he’ll be a fighting champ.... then Drew Galloway’s music hits!!

The Scot slowly makes his way to the ring. He asks Moose if he knows who he is... he wants the champ to say his name. Moose says that he’s the man who interrupted him, Drew Galloway.

Galloway says that they designed that championship with him in mind. Despite not being pinned nor submitted in the tournament, he didn’t get a chance because he was injured. Because of that, everything that’s happened until he gets a chance at the title, it’s all the preseason. Moose is down for a fight too.

Then Aron Rex’s music plays. The former champ comes out. He tells Drew he’d shake his hand but he doesn’t want him to get injured so he’ll just hang up by the entryway. Rex says he was robbed by Moose since he wasn’t ready. Hell, he thinks 3 seconds isn’t enough time to decide a match. (As the crowd boos, he hasn’t he’ll sue them all for Rexual Harassment.) He then reveals he’s revoking his rematch clause right now.

Aron Rex vs. Moose for the Impact Grand Championship

Round One: Moose is off to a good start until Rex hits him with a shot with hand with the taped rings, which sends Moose out of the ring. Rex goes and gets him and locks in a chinlock. Moose tries to fight back, but Rex cuts that down and continues at the bigger man.

Towards the end of the round, Moose fires back with some chops, but Rex just slides out of the ring to wait for the round to end.

Aron Rex wins the first round by unanimous decision

Round Two: Moose starts the round with some punchs. As he goes for a discuss punch, Rex ducks it and gets under the ropes. As Moose goes to get him, Rex rakes the eyes. This put him back in control.

The fight spills to the outside, but Rex still controls Moose with half to go. Back in the ring, Rex goes for multiple covers and dominates Moose the entire time.

Aron Rex wins the second round by unanimous decision

Round Three: Moose needs to win by pinfall or submission to retain his title.

Early on, Moose hits a big drop kick to Rex who’s on the top ropes. He then hits the Game Change clothesline for the 1-2-3.

Moose pins Aron Rex to retain his title


Backstage, Eddie Edwards cuts a promo saying that it was his belief in himself that won him that title. But he’s also got a chip on his shoulder because he knows people think he got lucky.

Backstage, Drew Galloway blames the company for taking him out of the tournament, a tournament they should have put the whole thing on hold as he healed up. He says he’s going to have gold very soon and we can trust him on that.

Mandrews vs. Aiden O’Shea

Who’s the good guy in this one?

O’Shea dominates the X Division athlete early on. Mandrews fights back with a rake to the eyes Aiden is immediately back on offense with a headbutt. He beals him across the ring.

O’Shea finds himself outside the ring and Mandrews tries to hit him with a slide but the big man side steps him and hits him with a big right hand.

Man, this is just one long squash match.

Mandrews eventually fights back with a series of kicks to the leg... and to the head. He goes up to the rope, O’Shea catches him and tosses him against the rope and runs at him. Mandrews pulls down the rope, sending Aiden out, and follows up with a top rope dive on to the big man.

Back in the ring, Mandrews hits a Shooting Star Press to pick up the win.

Mandrews def. O’Shea


Mahabali Shera and Al Snow vs. The Tribunal in a double strap match

Both members of the team need to touch all 6 corners.

So they’re following up that weird post heel turn babyface match with this? Got it.

The faces are in control early about to whip the Tribunal, but the referee stopped them because the opponents were strapped in yet.

In the ring, the Tribunals are now in charge. They slap three corners but then are interrupted. However, they still maintain control by choking their opponents. Snow and Shera fight back but it doesn’t last long. The Tribunal soon whip their foes.

Baraka touches all 6 sides and now Dax just needs ot do it. However Shera prevents him from hitting the last one. The good guys are not on the offense and the numbers are reset.

Now the good guys are getting the whipping in. Then both touch all 5, the Tribunal try to stop them but they are able to hit 6.

Shera and Snow def. the Tribunal

This was rough


Oh thank God it’s Matt Hardy.

He is having a wild dream that looks to include a Matt Hardy fun house. He just dreamed Apocalypto!

EC3 cuts a promo backstage. He says he didn’t think it was luck that gave Eddie Edwards the title. But he believes in fate. And he believes that fate will come into play tonight and fate will be why he wins the title.

Eli Drake interrupts and just stares at EC3. Drake made the choking symbol but EC3 says not tonight. He’s not choking tonight. He then hands Drake the mic and walks off.

The Broken Hardys introduce Total Nonstop Deletion

Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, Reby, and Maxel make their way to the ring. The fans get a small Maxel chant going.

Matt says he’s here to confirm the rumors. In seven days, from the Hardy Compound, we’ll see all of our favorite Impact stars including Knockouts matches and Maxel will make his in ring debut! And the main event will be the biggest tag team deletion... apocalypto! They will defend the titles in a open invitation against all tag teams of space and time. Because it’ll be Total Nonstop Deletion!!

Gregory Shane Helms’ music plays. He says if something is going on in Carolina, he’s going to be in it. So he’ll be a part of it... Matt interrupts saying he’ll love to see the obsolete three count back in action! Or maybe he’ll bring one of his Superhero friends with him!

Helms says he’ll be bring the Helms Dynasty. And Matt says they’ll be Deleted!

Decay’s music hits! Rosemary asks if they think Decay was really done with them. They may have had to retreat in the Great War but now they attack from a spot of strength. She talks up how Decay forced Gail Kim into retirement and defeated Gail’s chosen one for her to win the titles. Steve says the last time they went to Cameron, they took their child and that was just for fun. But this time they take everything.

Matt’s fine with all of that. Because everyone’s getting Deleted!

For some reason, Helms found himself in the ring and got a Twist of Fate from Broken Matt!


The DCC play a promo about their mission of control through chaos continues. They are intrigued by TND. They will be coming.

Laurel Van Ness (w/Maria) vs. Allie

Prior to the match, Maria mocks her saying she can’t wrestle. Allie reveals she’s been training. When Maria asks who would train her, she gets in to Van Ness’ face and say sit’s Braxton Sutter. This has devastated Laurel.

Braxton comes out ot corner Allie.

They lock up and LVN delivers an arm drag. They lock up again and she returns with an arm drag of her own. And then she delivers another. LVN tosses Allie in the corner but Allie responds with an elbow. But when she goes for a kick, LVN catches it and tosses her face first.

This allows Laurel to gets some hits in and drag Allie’s face against the mat. However Allie responds with some elbows and forearms. And then a suplex! Afterwards, she’s shocked with herself but the time leads to a double clothesline and both women are down.

Mike Bennett runs out and attacks Sutter on the outside of the ring. Sutter fights back and then brawl out to the back. As Allie is watching, LVN clubs her from behind. She does a face plant to Allie and then sets up for the stomp. But Allie avoids it and hits a reverse DDT! 1-2-3!

Allie def. Laurel

Maria is devastated on the outside. She tries to attack Maria from behind but Allie turns around with a cocked fist and the First Lady slides out of the ring.


Backstage, Allie is super pumped and Braxton is proud of her. He says she can do anything she wants. She quickly kisses him and walks off.

EC3 vs. Eddie Edwards (c) for the TNA title

Things start even between both men with some chain wrestling. It’s Edwards who goes on the offensive first, with a shining wizard that only gets him a one count. EC3 is able to finally hit a knee and a neck breaker. He then kicks Edwards out of the ring.

Eddie starts to get back into the ring but Carter suplexes him in and delivers some kicks as TNA goes to break.

TNA returns as both men are exchanging chops. Carter gets a big throw on the champ and covers fro a nearfall. He then locks in a hold on the downed Edwards. He releases it but maintains the advantage.

Carter set up for a TK3 from the top rope but Eddie countered with a rana. The champ follows up with a series of chops to Ethan. But EC3 explodes out of the corner with a clothesline a jaw breaker. However he misses Edwards and Carter ends up outside... and here come the suicide dives... just one this time.

He gets Carter back into the ring and hits a Code Breaker from the middle rope and rolls up EC3 for a nearfall.

The champ goes to the top rope for a splash but Carter moves and Eddie rolls through. EC3 is able to hit a powerbomb (sit down) for a near fall. He goes for a second sit down and Eddie kicks out.

Eddie lands on his feet from a German attempt and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2 count. He goes to the top but Carter hits the ropes to knock Eddie down. Carter goes for a second rope superplex and hits it! However it’s Eddie go goes for the pin afterwards and only gets 2.

The men exchange moves and both men are down.

When they’re up they exchange chops in the middle of the ring. EC3 hits a TK3 into a knee but Eddie responds with the Boston Knee Party! But Carter rolls to the floor. Eddie goes for a dive from the top but Carter catches him... and hits the TK3 on the floor! Both men down on the outside!

EC3 calls for the One Percenter. He sets it up but Eddie rolls him up. 2 count but Eddie turns it round into a single leg Boston Crab. Carter is able to reach the bottom rope and Eddie breaks the hold.

Carter hits a big kick to the head but Edwards responds with an enziguri. He hits a chin checker but EC3 hooks in his submission. But Edwards shifts his weight into a pin. But he also ends up taping out as the 3 is counted.

The ref ruled a no contest since it’s a simultaneous tap and pin.

The 30 minute title match ends in a no contest.

EC3 leaves angry.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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