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President-elect Donald Trump picks former WWE CEO Linda McMahon to head Small Business Administration

NJ Governor Chris Christie Campaigns With Connecticut Senate Candidate Linda McMahon Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Two Senate bids couldn’t get former WWE CEO Linda McMahon to Washington, D.C., but WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, the President-elect, could.

Multiple sources are reporting that McMahon is Trump’s pick to head the Small Business Administration (SBA) for his new administration, which will be sworn in next month.

The 68 year old McMahon was the Republican nominee for a Senate seat in her home state of Connecticut in 2010 and 2012, but lost in the general election each time. She was a major contributor to Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Reuters has obtained a copy of the Trump transition team’s announcement prior to its release. It touts McMahon’s record in growing WWE “from a 13-person operation to a publicly traded global enterprise with more than 800 employees worldwide”.

The President-elect is quoted as saying, “Linda has a tremendous background and is widely recognized as one of the country’s top female executives advising businesses around the globe.”

McMahon, who as head of the SBA will lead an agency with offices in all 50 states and is responsible for supporting small businesses with loans and ensuring they’re awarded a percentage of federal contracts, said:

Our small businesses are the largest source of job creation in our country. I am honored to join the incredibly impressive economic team that President-elect Trump has assembled to ensure that we promote our country's small businesses and help them grow and thrive.

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