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The implosion of Jeri-KO helps Roman Reigns defeat Chris Jericho and retain his United States title on Raw

All night tonight (Dec. 5), Universal champ Kevin Owens has been trying to mend fences with his best friend Chris Jericho.

The pair had a falling out last week when Owens called Chris’ List dumb, and told him he wanted to go it alone so people would stop questioning the legitimacy of his title run. It’s kind of funny, then, that their continued arguments would be because Y2J didn’t want the Prizefighter at his side during the matches KO set up for him as “GIFTS FOR JERICHO... DRINK IT IN, DUDE”.

On Raw, Owens got his friend a United States title match against Roman Reigns. The U.S. championship is the one match Jericho’s never won in his career. And he intended to win it, but alone...

After a back-and-forth affair, Owens saw an opening to help his buddy. The sneak Superkick did allow Jericho to hit a Codebreaker for a heart-stopping nearfall, but the ensuing argument not only further cemented the end of JeriKO, it also left an opening for a Spear which led to Reigns getting the pinfall.

We all knew the break-up was coming, but this slow meltdown is super-painful.

And, no surprise, but Roman wins.

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