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Fan reports say AJ Styles & Dean Ambrose were possibly injured during WWE TLC’s main event

UPDATE: Wrestling Observer is reporting AJ Styles suffered a “minor ankle injury”, but Dave Meltzer didn’t have any further details. There’s been no news on Dean Ambrose, which may indicate he was simply selling the brutality of the match and how devastated he was by the outcome.

If WWE had a pay-per-view (PPV), chances are there’s injury speculation.

And especially coming off a show with “extreme” stipulations like TLC, and a main event like the AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose World title match which featured both men jumping off, falling from and hitting each other with the tables, ladders & chairs which gave the show its name, it’s not surprising those men are at the center of the injury talk.

Multiple correspondents who were at the show last night (Dec. 4) in Dallas have reported to websites (like PWInsider) that Styles was attended to by a trainer as soon as TLC ended. AJ is said to have fallen to the mat and pointed to his right foot while trying to “flex it”. He walked out on his own power, but with a noticeable limp.

Ambrose, meanwhile, was “rushed” to the back by another trainer.

There’s no word from WWE officials, or even a report sourced to someone with behind-the-scenes knowledge, so it’s important to take these reports for what they are... fellow fans interpreting what they saw.

Every performer on the card, and certainly the ones in matches which involved getting hit with foreign objects, is “hurt” today. Are AJ & Dean “injured” in a way that will keep them from performing?

SmackDown has a house show tonight in Tyler, Texas before their usual Tuesday television broadcast tomorrow from Houston, so we’ll know more soon.

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