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Mauro Ranallo isn’t leaving WWE, wishes websites would stop saying he is

Over the weekend, there was talk on the wrestling internet that Mauro Ranallo, the play-by-play voice of SmackDown & 205 Live as well as a frequent guest on things like the NXT TakeOver Kickoff shows, might be leaving WWE soon.

Ranallo signed with the company at this time last year prior to being introduced as the “voice of SmackDown” when the blue brand moved to USA Network in January 2016. That timing was fueling the rumor mill, as the chatter was based on the idea Mauro had signed a one year deal which was about to expire.

Not so, on either front, the man himself revealed while Tweeting with fans:

What’s more, he’d really like the wrestling web to stop talking about it:

Fans also pointed to the recent addition of Tom Phillips to the Tuesday night announce desk as a reason they were concerned Ranallo might be on his way out. While he didn’t address that issue specifically, presumably there’s nothing ominous about that move, either.

And, full disclosure, this it totally the kind of thing Cageside would cover in the Rumor Round-Up feature had our own scourer of the screens Randall Ortman seen it by his deadline. There’s interest, and money, in these kinds of SCOOPZ for websites, companies and talent, so - as infuriating as it undoubtedly is to wake up and see people claiming your employer is dumping you - they aren’t going anywhere.

Good thing about this story, at least - neither is Mauro!

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