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WWE TLC 2016 results: Alexa Bliss powerbombs Becky Lynch through table, takes Women’s title

There was a lot history heading into TLC’s Women’s title match tonight (Dec. 4). It had already been a big week for ladies in WWE, beginning with Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte’s Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw, through to the No Disqualification match earlier in the evening in Dallas.

Becky Lynch was defending her title against Alexa Bliss in the first singles table match between women in company history. It would also determine if Lynch’s run as the inaugural SmackDown Women’s champ continued, or if Bliss would be the second to hold that belt.

The action was slow to start, and the Texas crowd was noticeably detached.

There were numerous table teases, many which ended with the one in the ring being overturned. That one would eventually become involved in a couple crucial spots - one where Alexa DDT-ed the champ onto the bottom of it, and another where Lynch applied her armbar through the legs.

In the end, it came down to a brawl on the apron above another table set-up on the floor. Bliss slipped off first, and that allowed her to grab the Lasskicker by the legs and spin her around for a powerbomb through the table.

While a defiant Alexa celebrated (really nice to see a woman win the belt without crying), a visibly upset Bex dismissed Dasha Fuentes when she tried to get her immediate reaction.

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