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Watch Matt Hardy’s challenge to the Bucks of Youth

The Broken One popped the crowd in Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, and the living rooms of wrestling fans around the world, when he showed up on the big screen after the tag title match where the Young Bucks defeated the Briscoes at Ring of Honor (ROH) Final Battle last night (Dec. 2).

We and others who were there live or watching the pay-per-view (PPV) have tried to relay Matt Hardy’s message, but it got lost in all the cheering and OMFG-ing that was going on. So Hardy’s been gracious enough to post the video in its entirety on his YouTube channel, and you can see that above.

Here’s a transcript (but you really should watch... it’s all about delivery):


I must admit, it’s quite DELIGHTFUL to partake in the honorable ring once again. And I must also admit... Bucks of Youth! Dim Boys! That was quite the intoxicating match-up you just participated in. I don’t know if you’ve known this, but myself and Brother Nero have been mandated to prove we are the greatest tag team in all of time, in all of space. And if that means we must come to ROH and render you ramshackle rednecks and you spot monkeys OBSOLETE, then we will. But be warned Bucks of Youth, if myself and Brother Nero come to the honorable ring, we will DELETE your tag team title reign! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!


And while Hardy’s out here bragging about Vanguard1’s hacking abilities and threatening to break into Meekmahon’s show to challenge the Day of New, Matt & Nick Jackson are selling merchandise inspired by the Broken One, because that’s what they do:

Excited for this? Excited enough to buy some merch?

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