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WWE TLC 2016 match preview: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

Oh look. It's this again.

Call me a cynic, but that was the first thought I had when I saw that these two were going to face off YET AGAIN on PPV this Sunday for the Intercontinental title. After all, this ladder match will be their fifth singles meeting for the title since September 1.

And if's preview is accurate, the second "last chance" match Ziggler faces in about two months. This time around, if Ziggler fails, he can never again challenge for the gold and white belt as long as Mike Mizanin is champion. This, all things considered, is a step above losing your career with a loss. Maybe this should be the title versus career match.

But a moment to put away the cynic hat: Miggles (who will probably be a tag team within six months) have made for quite compelling television in the last few months.

No, Mike Mizanin. The "Being John Cena" Championship is the most relevant championship in WWE today and has been for years. For the record, it's being held by one Allen Jones Styles, who also holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (two different titles, by the way). But your IC belt is close. Top five. Maybe even top three. But not most prestigious.

The story probably should have ended with Dolph saving his career and winning the Intercontinental title at No Mercy...

But the feud must continue as, well, what else where the Miz and Dolph gonna do?

After saving the title from going to the enemy camp...

Dolph Ziggler thanked him with some sweet chin music.

The feud will finally come to its conclusion... maybe... hopefully... but not likely... in a ladder match where there will absolutely be a winner and absolutely be a loser. Will Dolph join Mike Mizanin as a six-time Intercontinental Champion? Find out this Sunday night as you join the best wrestling community in this or any other galaxy beginning at 7pm ET.

Oh, a little DYK: this will be their 22nd singles meeting on television since the start of 2012.  That's more than John Cena versus Randy Orton ALL TIME. No, seriously.

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