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Palizas de la temporada (a Lucha Underground preview)

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When I typo-ed that Jeremiah Crane and Catrina had history in a preview a few months back, I hadn’t been reading spoilers - I promise. But as we continue to learn, there is something there, perhaps going back to when Catrina pulled Mil Muertes from the rubble of a Mexico City earthquake, helping to create the Man of 1000 Deaths? Jeremiah certainly knows Mil’s birth name, and he’s also been hanging around the Temple for a long time.

As you can see in the teaser clip above, we’re definitely getting a hard-hitting battle between Mil & Crane. Will we also get answers?

Cage and Texano finally return to their Best of Five Series, currently led by the Machine, 2 - 1. They’re fighting for a chance at Dario Cueto’s “Ultimate Opportunity” - which is pretty choice while also being classic El Jefe. But the wrestlers don’t know the winner will become a vessel for a god. Cage likely just wants to whip his rival’s ass after Texano and his bull rope helped get him eliminated in last week’s Battle of the Bulls finals.

Fresh off seeing the Mayor of Slamtown keep his LU title in a steel cage showdown with Sexy Star, Worldwide Underground meets The Open Road & Angelico. Will Jack Evans & PJ Black be able to co-exist? Can they stay focused on this match, and not worry about Johnny Mundo’s upcoming championship defense against BotB winner Mack?

And then we’re supposed to see the return of a luchador tonight - someone seeking revenge. Three seasons in, doesn’t everyone who returns to Boyle Heights have some kind of axe to grind? But I digress. Fingers-crossed it’s a Vampiro-ized Prince Puma.

I just hope there aren’t spiders. Like Chris Jericho, I’m arachnophobic.

Join us at 8PM Eastern tonight, True Believers!

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